Medical Review Officer

What is a Medical Review Officer

Published on July 26, 2022 | Last Updated on August 7, 2022 by Lookforzebras There are a ton of different roles that take place in any type of employee drug testing process. But maybe the … Read more

Medical Review Officer

How To Become a Medical Review Officer

Published on July 26, 2022 | Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by Lookforzebras Do you have a passion for helping others? Are you interested in the medical field? If so, becoming a Medical Review … Read more

Concierge Doctors

How Much Do Concierge Doctors Make?

Published on July 26, 2022 | Last Updated on August 8, 2022 by Lookforzebras Practicing concierge medicine is quite a rewarding career. That is why so many doctors follow the primary care physician path. The … Read more

Coincerge doctor

What Is a Concierge Doctor

Published on July 20, 2022 | Last Updated on October 27, 2022 by Lookforzebras The medical profession is wide and it is split into different fields where doctors can choose to specialize. The doctors with … Read more

Sports medicine Physician

What Is A Sports Medicine Physician?

Published on July 18, 2022 | Last Updated on August 3, 2022 by Slava The medical aspect of sports is very important. Athletes are more prone to injuries than other people because their activities are … Read more

Restrating Business

Restarting Your Business And Rule of Seven

Published on May 2, 2022 | Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Lookforzebras According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year of starting operations. … Read more

Hippo help doctors

How Does Hippa Help Doctors’ Offices

Published on April 25, 2022 | Last Updated on April 25, 2022 by Lookforzebras HIPPA compliance is critical for doctors’ offices. By ensuring that patient medical records are kept confidential, HIPPA helps protect patients’ privacy … Read more

Setting up your own wallet

MetaMask: Setting up Your Own Wallet

Published on April 4, 2022 | Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Lookforzebras Cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular right now. They provide a new way of handling money that is safer, more secure, and more … Read more

Prior Authorization: The What, How, And Why

What is Prior Authorization? Prior Authorization is also known as Prior certification or Prior Approval. It is the process of receiving pre-approval from an insurance company for a particular medication or a treatment process. The … Read more

Highest paid Medical Specialities

Highest Paid Medical Specialties 2021-2022

Published on December 27, 2021 | Last Updated on June 18, 2022 by Lookforzebras The Covid epidemic which paralyzed the world economic system also had its impact on the medical profession. The income earned by … Read more

Signs of Successful internship program

7 Signs Of A Successful Internship Program

Published on October 4, 2021 | Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Lookforzebras Internships can help you obtain valuable work experience, complete a college requirement, and contribute to your resume. They can expose you … Read more

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