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Medical Review Officer

What is a Medical Review Officer

Published by Lookforzebras There are a ton of different roles that take place in any type of employee drug testing process. But maybe the one role that gets the most questions about what it is … Read more

Medical Review Officer

How To Become a Medical Review Officer

Published by Lookforzebras Do you have a passion for helping others? Are you interested in the medical field? If so, becoming a Medical Review Officer may be the perfect career for you! This blog post … Read more

Concierge Doctors

How Much Do Concierge Doctors Make?

Published by Lookforzebras Practicing concierge medicine is quite a rewarding career. That is why so many doctors follow the primary care physician path. The question is, how much do these concierge physicians make, and is … Read more

Coincerge doctor

What Is a Concierge Doctor

Published by Lookforzebras The medical profession is wide and it is split into different fields where doctors can choose to specialize. The doctors with which patients happen to be most familiar are primary care physicians, … Read more

Sports medicine Physician

What Is A Sports Medicine Physician?

Published by Lookforzebras The medical aspect of sports is very important. Athletes are more prone to injuries than other people because their activities are more strenuous and physically exerting. Hence, medical personnel must specialize in … Read more

Practice Medicine in Canada

Can I Practice Medicine in Canada After US Residency

Published by Lookforzebras Doctors and specialists form an integral part of the vital healthcare services in hospitals and clinics worldwide. There is a horrifyingly critical shortage of doctors in most countries, including Canada. But, can … Read more

Restrating Business

Restarting Your Business And Rule of Seven

Published by Lookforzebras According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year of starting operations. Only a third of the small businesses survive after ten years … Read more

Hippo help doctors

How Does Hippa Help Doctors’ Offices

Published by Lookforzebras HIPPA compliance is critical for doctors’ offices. By ensuring that patient medical records are kept confidential, HIPPA helps protect patients’ privacy and helps to prevent identity theft. In addition, its compliance helps … Read more

Setting up your own wallet

MetaMask: Setting up Your Own Wallet

Published by Lookforzebras Cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular right now. They provide a new way of handling money that is safer, more secure, and more private than traditional methods. You need to be aware of many … Read more

Prior Authorization: The What, How, And Why

What is Prior Authorization? Prior Authorization is also known as Prior certification or Prior Approval. It is the process of receiving pre-approval from an insurance company for a particular medication or a treatment process. The … Read more

Requirements for Hiring Doctors

15 Requirements To Successfully Hire A Doctor

Published by Lookforzebras Hiring the right physician can be challenging. Whether it’s a clinical or non-clinical job, the right person needs to have all the skills, certifications, and experience needed for your organization. It can … Read more

Highest paid Medical Specialities

Highest Paid Medical Specialties 2021-2022

Published by Lookforzebras The Covid epidemic which paralyzed the world economic system also had its impact on the medical profession. The income earned by medical practitioners differs not only by their particular specialty but also … Read more

How to write best Physician resume

This Is How to Write The Best Physician Resume

Published by Lookforzebras Becoming a physician takes years, and even with the right credentials, getting a job interview may not be easy or fast. A well-crafted resume meeting the expectations of your target employer will … Read more

Early retirement hacks

Early Retirement Hack: Everything About Fat FIRE

Published by Lookforzebras Fat FIRE refers to a popular financial goal management strategy and lifestyle movement known as FIRE. As the name suggests, FIRE or Financial Independence Retire Early is a modern lifestyle hack that is championed … Read more

Signs of Successful internship program

7 Signs Of A Successful Internship Program

Published by Lookforzebras Internships can help you obtain valuable work experience, complete a college requirement, and contribute to your resume. They can expose you to various areas of full-time work while also allowing you to … Read more

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