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Hello there.

When it comes to your career in medicine, look for zebras, not for horses. Being a medical professional doesn’t mean you need to settle for adequate. Seek out the unique. Find what’s fitting. Achieve awesomely.


To bring fulfillment to the lives of medical professionals. Look for Zebras is not about abandoning medicine, dealing with burnout, or commiserating with frustrated clinicians. It’s here to make sure you have a purposeful and happy life throughout your medical career – from the very beginning.


To be a respected leader in unique careers and opportunities for medical professionals. I want you to get more out of medicine – more satisfaction, more meaning, and more financial gratification – and I hope resources and services on this site assist you in getting there.

Working Smarter

A portion of the profits generated from this site is dedicated toward endeavors that improve health while also helping medical professionals find their niches and explore unique medical careers. These include medical humanitarian and global health organizations.