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Laboratory Director Positions for Physicians

In a well-run laboratory with strong staff and good leadership, these tasks can often be accomplished with minimal, intermittent work on the part of the lab director. Many labs don’t need a full-time director to accomplish the job, which is why there are frequently part-time opportunities for physicians.

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How do I count years of experience as a physician changing jobs?

Years of experience can be difficult to quantify for physicians, since we have so much training during which we’re technically practicing medicine and gaining experience in the field. Moreover, for those with a career that has involved some combination of patient care, research, administrative work, or other responsibilities, your total years of professional experience will surpass your years of experience in any one of these job areas. So how do you tell if you meet the “years of experience” requirement for a position?

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How much should I charge to write articles about health and medicine?

Jobs in medical writing are a terrific gig for healthcare professionals, both as a career and as supplemental freelance work. Rates for writing jobs cover an extensive range, which can make it difficult to propose a rate to a new client. In general, for almost any contracting work as a medical professional, I recommend charging a set rate per project.

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