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HealthTap Review for Telemedicine Doctors – HealthTap Score 91%

HealthTap Review for Telemedicine Doctors – HealthTap

One of the ways I’ve earned a bit of extra income over the past few years is with online telehealth platforms. I’ve come across a number of reviews of various online telemedicine providers that are geared toward patients, though I haven’t had much luck finding information online about them from the physician’s perspective. So I thought I’d write a post about the platform I’ve had the most experience with – HealthTap.

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10 Skills You Already Have that Lend Themselves to a Non-clinical Career

There’s a tendency among physicians who are considering leaving clinical medicine to feel that they’re not adequately prepared or lacking the appropriate skill set for the new work. Even if you’ve spent your entire career to date in a clinical setting, you’ve acquired and used skills that are vital for a non-clinical career – even one that is only tangentially related to medicine.

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