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The 10 Best Social Network Sites for Physicians And Healthcare Professionals

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We can all agree that doctors and healthcare professionals are always on the go. It’s getting increasingly hard to make meaningful connections with colleagues in person whether it’s due to Covid,  rise of teleconsultations or just the evolution of a practitioner’s lifestyle. 

The social media world has grown exponentially and continues to grow. It is important for professionals in the healthcare industry to stay relevant on social networks so they can easily connect with their peers and stay up-to-date on new research, trends, opportunities and importantly experience a sense of community.

Social media sites could undoubtedly be used to promote open communication among medical professionals. You could use social media sites to share information and to ask questions that require immediate answers.

Medico-social networking sites have been created specifically to assist doctors and healthcare workers in pursuing open communication. The medical community benefits greatly from dedicated social media sites. 

We have put together a list of 10 social network sites that are great for doctors, nurses, medical assistants, therapists, and other health professionals:

1. Sermo

Sermo is among the most popular and successful social media platforms that connects “verified and credentialed” physicians. The service bills itself as a “virtual doctors lounge” that connects doctors to enhance collaboration.

The objective is to crowdsource medical information for doctors. You can post real-world medical questions and receive responses from hundreds of your peers. Sermo is a physician-only platform where you can anonymously ask queries and get answers.

Sermo offers the largest database of physician drug reviews, with over one million reviews. You could quickly take a look at the drug reviews while prescribing your patients.

Interestingly, Sermo and other market research companies help users earn extra money by participating in pharmaceutical market research surveys. Sermo has paid out more than $100 million in honoraria to its users worldwide.

2. Doximity

Doximity is another popular site that targets US-based healthcare professionals. It helps connect with your colleagues, classmates, and co-residents.

You can submit your CV and describe your clinical interests, education, board certifications, and publications on your profile. Doximity also provides data on remuneration trends in your specialty and geographic location, as well as a job board and CME credit-earning and tracking tools. It has tailored medical news and research feed and allows doctors to earn category 1 credits by reading medical publications.

You can communicate with your patients using HIPAA-compliant and secure free digital fax and message services. When you call patients from your phone, another useful tool displays your clinic’s phone number.

Doximity is considered one of the most important social networking sites for doctors because of its extensive network and plethora of resources. It expands your online presence while increasing the visibility of your healthcare practice.

3. QuantiaMD

QuantiaMD is a learning platform where suggestions, observations, and information are shared via laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It has over 200,000 members who interact with experts and peers.

It features thousands of concise lectures and Q&A sessions led by various experts. Its availability on various devices enables doctors to acquire or share valuable knowledge during their workout or coffee break.

4. Figure1

Healthcare providers worldwide can use this resource to exchange anonymous diagnostic images of illnesses or injuries, such as x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and compare them to other images on the site. This technology is especially beneficial for doctors working in rural areas who may be treating a patient with a rare disorder.

It’s become one of the largest internet networks for medical professionals and a vital tool for saving lives, with millions of healthcare providers participating. It also has exclusive podcasts and editorial newsletters.

5. Incision Academy

Incision Academy is more of a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform than a social network, one of the few dedicated exclusively to surgeons. Physicians in the surgical profession are a learning community where surgeons can share their surgical skills and techniques and learn from other surgeons worldwide.

Incision Academy is a great tool that offers a step-by-step guide for a procedure, utilizing high-quality 3D videos. The distance can never be a deterrent for learning surgical procedures with Incision Academy.

6. Student Doctors Network

Student Doctor Network is a medical student knowledge base. This non-profit organization provides support and encouragement to students and practicing doctors from all around the United States and Canada. Many of the students who first joined the site as undergraduates work as healthcare providers in various disciplines.

Physicians and healthcare professionals have such a hectic schedule that they don’t have time to socialize with their coworkers or research and debate new topics. These social networking sites allow doctors to share information and knowledge while also socializing. It’s a time-saving and fascinating option.

Student Doctor Network is a non-profit educational system that depends on donations from members, sponsorships, and Google Adwords for its funds. Because education is expensive in the US, the Student Doctor Network ensures that medical students get assistance throughout all stages of their education, from high school to their first practice.

Additional Networking Sites For Healthcare Professionals

7. AllNurses

AllNurses, which also includes a job board and articles addressing trending themes relating to nurse practitioners, is a great place for nurses to get support and guidance from their peers.

They provide mentorship to those seeking a career in nursing. And the collective skills and expertise of the members help the aspiring student nurses.

The site also provides magazines and Ebooks for nurses and students with a wide range of career advancement, nurse entrepreneurship, and COVID crisis topics. For confidential purposes, the AllNurses members are allowed to post anonymously in the forums.

8. NurseZone

NurseZone is a networking site for nurses. It is a leading source for nursing news, best practices, practice tests, CGFNS/NCLEX, and other relevant topics.

NurseZone is a comprehensive and reliable source to learn more about the wide range of career options available to those in the nursing profession, including travel nursing, by reading the latest news related to nursing topics, talking to other nurses who are just starting on their career path or seasoned veterans and talking to other nurses who are just starting on their career path or seasoned veterans.

9. Physician’s Practice

Physician’s Practice is a LinkedIn group created to assist physicians with all facets of their practice’s business administration. No marketing or sales are allowed during discussions.

You can become a member by simply hitting on the Request Button on LinkedIn. Once you’re accepted, you can participate in the discussion board to share news, information, etc., for feedback from the entire group.

Members on this site are encouraged to take part in discussions about issues affecting healthcare. Discussions mostly revolve around managing the operation and business aspects by providing practical, proven solutions for the “real-world” concerns.

10. Among Doctors

Like Sermo and Doximity, Among Doctors is also a networking platform. Physicians can use Among Doctors to form private groups with trusted doctors for advice and collaboration. The most appealing feature of Among Doctors is that it is only available to medical professionals.

The Stopping Point

Given the demands of a practitioner’s life, physicians and healthcare professionals may feel unmotivated, lonely, or unrecognized in their practice. Most just don’t have the time to socialize with their coworkers or explore new topics. These social networking sites allow doctors to share information and knowledge while also socializing. 

Social media networks can be a powerful tool to connect and build strong relationships but also a distraction. It is important to take advantage of these tools and strike the right balance. 



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