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patient navigator business

How To Start A Patient Navigator Business

Published by A patient advocacy business is a type of service that helps individuals navigate the complex healthcare system and advocate for their rights and needs as patients. These businesses typically offer a range of … Read more

most profitable medical spa services

Most Profitable Medical Spa Services

Published by The profitability of medical spa services can vary depending on factors such as location, target market, competition, and the expertise of the practitioners. However, some services tend to be popular and potentially profitable … Read more

Top Med Spas in the US

Top 10 Med Spas In The US

Published by Medical spas offer a wide range of medical services in a relaxing setting. You can get quick results from tests done in specialized labs and even have minor surgeries if needed. Unlike traditional … Read more

Med Spa Franchise Businesses In The USA

Top 10 Med Spa Franchise Businesses In The USA

Published by Med Spa franchise businesses are booming in the U.S. due to the increased demand for aesthetic treatments. Before considering buying into a franchise, you must consider the advantages and the disadvantages. There are … Read more

Marketing Strategies For Medical Spas

Top 15 Marketing Strategies For Medical Spas

Published by Medical spas offer more than just relaxation, they’re a beacon of rejuvenation and confidence. In today’s fast-paced world, where stress affects over half of Americans, the need for holistic wellness solutions has never … Read more

Restrating Business

Restarting Your Business And Rule of Seven

Published by According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year of starting operations. Only a third of the small businesses survive after ten years of … Read more


Top 5 tools for doctors to manage their reputation

Reputation is one of the most crucial things in our life and everyone begins on a level playing field to achieve it. It takes a long time to achieve a great reputation and only a few moments to ruin it.

Franchises for doctors

Franchises for doctors and how to tell if owning one is right for you

Certain personality traits and interests lend themselves to franchise ownership. Your modus operandi in clinical practice can also shed light on whether you may be successful with a franchise. Here are ten characteristics that suggest a franchise should be a serious consideration for you’re interested in owning a business.

Businesses doctors can start

Non-clinical B2B service businesses for physicians

A B2B business involves you, as your own small company, making a transaction with another business instead of with an individual consumer. One of the best parts of starting a service-based business is that the barriers to entry are very low. Physicians have a great breadth and depth of knowledge that is an excellent foundation for services tangentially related to healthcare, but without the red tape and regulation of opening a medical practice.

Non-clinical service businesses doctors can start

Any doctor start and run and successful, profitable business. Small businesses that offer a service as their product are a perfect solution for many physicians wanting to earn extra income, share their knowledge, help with peoples’ challenges faced by people or companies, and have more autotomy in their work.

Temptation bundling as a doctor will improve your productivity and happiness

Improve your productivity and accountability with temptation bundling

Temptation bundling is the notion of linking together two activities to accomplish something in our lives. The first activity is something we need to do or should do, but want to avoid or have the tendency to postpone for as long as possible. The second activity is one that we enjoy doing. It’s a hobby we love, a time waster, our “guilty pleasure,” or whatever we do to relax.

You should start a blog since you're a doctor

Why you should start a blog as a physician

With more than 400 million blogs scattered across the internet, it’s easy to dismiss starting your own blog. Uncertainly about how readers will find your blog and fear of having nothing substantial to add to what already exists are common reasons to stick to being a reader rather than a blogger. But let me assure you that, as a highly-educated individual with expertise in medicine and healthcare, you definitely have something substantial to add.


Writing a winning résumé for nonclinical jobs

You may be fine with a generic resume for an entire job search, but only if your job search is within a narrow field. If you’re applying for a job opening or to a particular company, you’ll want to a version of your resume that is explicitly geared toward demonstrating that you’re a great candidate for that specific role. But this doesn’t mean you need to do a total resume overhaul every time you send it to someone.

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