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Top 10 Med Spa Franchise Businesses In The USA

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Med Spa franchise businesses are booming in the U.S. due to the increased demand for aesthetic treatments. Before considering buying into a franchise, you must consider the advantages and the disadvantages. There are both the upfront investment cost implications and other considerations that must influence your choice.

Important Considerations To Take Into Account While Looking For Spa Franchise Opportunities And Choosing A Med Spa Franchise

  • The franchise must be a well-known brand. This will greatly help you boost your marketing.
  • The brand must boast of an established customer base. If the franchise is familiar to customers, this can help to build the customer base.
  • The brand must provide business management support. You can rely on assistance and training for the staff from a well-known brand. Bulk buying helps you to avail of discounts and other benefits.
  • Even if you are inexperienced in the med spa business, you can avail of a lot of help and support from the med spa franchise.
  • If you join an established med spa franchise, you can rely on their tested business models and proven approaches to the med spa industry.
  • There is a lower risk of failure when you work together with a franchise than working independently.
  • You will work as an independent owner but with the support net of the med spa franchise business.
  • Thanks to the visibility of the franchise that you join, you can start making profits from Google searches from the beginning.

Joining a med spa franchise can be a strategic move for medical professionals looking to diversify their practice. Not only does it offer the advantages mentioned above, but it also opens up opportunities to embrace aesthetic medicine within their practice. Discover more about the reasons why doctors should embrace aesthetic medicine in their practice.

What Are The Top Ten Med Spa Franchise Businesses In The USA And What Is The Ranking Based On?

The med spa business revenues in the U.S. are anticipated to be $ 16.69 billion in 2023. This is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.4% per year to $ 19.04 billion according to a Business Research Statistics Report. In this digital age, med spa business rankings depend on more exposure and an increased number of clicks.

Year after year, the same establishments have been ranked in the same order. These med spa franchises offer unique opportunities like massage services, face and body treatments, sunless tanning, and various aesthetic treatments.

Given below is the list of some of the largest medspa chains and top spa franchises in the U.S.

1. Ideal Image Medspa:

This medical spa franchise was founded in 2001 and has been offering franchises since 2004. At present, this med spa boasts 21 franchises in the U.S. According to this spa, the initial investment may range between $694,485 – $1,347,858 with an initial franchise fee of $50,000. Image Spa pays royalty fees of 7%. Ideal Image is a leading national healthcare center.

It is known for offering the full range of facial and body care services which range from simple laser hair removal to Botox and facial fillers. Cool Sculpting, fat reduction, and restorative anti-aging facial services are also included in the service range of this medical spa franchise.

Trained medical and aesthetic specialists provide need-based, customized treatment plans. Most of these plans include FDA-approved natural treatments. There are no invasive treatments at this reputed med spa which owns about 140 franchises in the U.S and Canada.

2. LaVida Massage Franchise in the U.S.

LaVida Massage franchise in the U.S.A., based in Massage Heights was founded in 2004. This massage center has been franchised since 2005. There are over 121 franchise units in the U.S. To become a franchisee, you must invest$409,603 – $488,397 plus pay a franchise fee of $39,000. This amounts to a royalty of 6%.

This med spa was founded by Shane and Wayne Adams of San Antonio, Texas. With over 100 retreat locations all over the U.S., they offer professional therapeutic services offered by trained aesthetic medical professionals. The company offers massage and skin therapy services along with high-end retail product lines. Different membership packages are also available.

3. Massage Heights franchise in the U.S.

This med spa was founded in 2005 in Spavia and has been offering its in-house services since 2007. This spa requires an initial investment ranging from $353,251 – $700,820 and charges a franchise fee of $4950. This includes the payment of a royalty fee of 6%. The company was founded by Allison and Marty Langenferder in Denver, Colorado in 2005.

Spavia is a premier business built on marketing organic products, paraben-free, and all-natural products during their aesthetic treatments. The chain offers a wide range of services, including massages, body treatments, facials, eyelash extensions, waxing and mineral cosmetics, and lessons.

4. Spavia Med Spa Franchise

This med spa franchise was founded in 2008. This med spa has established 52 franchise units. They require franchisees to pay an initial investment of $412,400. The franchise fee is around $38,000 with a royalty fee of 5%. This provides high-quality professional massage, waxing, and specialized services. There is a 15% discount on depilation products and services. If you are a member, you can also avail of daily HydroLuxe sessions.

5. Planet Beach Day Spa:

Planet Beach Spa was founded in 1995 with the commencement of franchise businesses in 1996. The franchise business requires a startup investment of $104,300 – $248,900. This requires an initial franchise fee of $39,950 with royalty established at 6%. Established by Steve Smith, Planet Beach, there are branches spread all over the world.

6. Planet Beach Day Spa Franchise in the U.S.:

This med spa, started in 2007 requires an initial investment of $319,475 – $480,655. The franchise fee is $45,000 and the royalty payable is 5%. This popular med spa is located in Minnesota and Minneapolis and offers several spa services through their in-house licensed therapists. In this med spa, there are several add-on services like cold stone therapy, hot towel therapy, mango foot scrub, deep muscle relaxant, and aromatherapy. This is apart from the usual beauty salon treatments that are available in a med spa.

7. Massage Retreat and Spa, U.S.A.:

This spa was founded in 2008 and started offering franchises in 2009. To become a franchisee, you need an initial investment of $170,000 – $282,000. The franchise fee is around $45,000 with the royalty fee set at 6%. Services include massage therapy, and infrared sauna therapy, along with the usual spa services like manicure and pedicure. This spa specializes in using organic and environmentally friendly products to ensure that its clients realize the maximum benefit.

8. Massage Green Spa franchise in the U.S.:

This is also known as the Woodhouse Day Spa. This med spa was founded in 2001 and started offering franchises since the day of its inception. This spa offers all the traditional spa products including beauty and aesthetic treatments. They also have an in-house boutique selling various designer clothes along with spa-related clothing and footwear. You can enjoy your spa and aesthetic treatments in a relaxed atmosphere.

9. Wood Spa franchise in the U.S.:

Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa was founded in 2004 and started offering franchises in 2006. The spa currently offers 471 spa units. To become a franchisee, you must offer an initial investment between $567,626 – $674,476. The franchise fee was around $42500.

The royalty fee is around 5%-6%. John Marco, the renowned physical therapist founded this spa brand and expanded it to a national chain. He made med spa services affordable and competitive.

10. Pure Vanity

Pure Vanity was founded with a vision to create a scalable and sustainable spa franchise business system that adds a touch of beauty to the world. Catering to both women and men seeking effective anti-aging solutions, pain-free laser hair removal, and comprehensive skincare and body treatments, our spa services are designed to meet diverse needs.

The Pure Vanity franchise opportunity presents a turn-key retail spa concept rooted in proven success, with a dedicated support team poised to assist in establishing a robust foundation for prospective business owners. This opportunity allows individuals to leverage their experience in the spa franchise industry and play a pivotal role in the expansion of a thriving business sector.

In case you are considering buying a franchise into a med spa brand, consider all the above factors especially if the brand checks all the boxes given in the advantages. Take into consideration all the financial factors and initial investment required before you make a decision. Because of the financial stake, take your time in making the decision. Also, don’t forget to have a good marketing strategy for the medspa.

If you are interested in opening your medspa you must read this – How to open a Med Spa – A step by step guide.


What factors should I consider when buying a med spa brand?

Reputation: Look for a brand with a positive reputation in the industry.
Services: Ensure the brand offers a comprehensive range of services that align with your business goals.
Support: Check for the level of support and training provided by the brand.
Compliance: Verify that the brand complies with all regulatory requirements in your location.

How do I assess the reputation of a med spa brand?

Read reviews and testimonials from other med spa owners. Check online forums and industry websites for discussions about the brand. Speak with current or former franchisees to gather firsthand experiences.

What types of services should a reputable med spa brand offer?

A mix of popular and in-demand services such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and injectables. Continuous updates to services to stay current with industry trends.

What kind of support can I expect from the med spa brand?

Initial training for you and your staff. Ongoing support for operational, marketing, and technical aspects. Assistance in site selection and setup.

How can I ensure the med spa brand is compliant with regulations?

Request documentation proving compliance with local health and safety regulations. Inquire about any history of legal issues or disputes related to regulatory compliance.




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