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Embarrassing moments from medical school and residency

3 embarrassing stories from medical school and residency

Medical school and residency are filled with memorable experiences. Some are wonderful. Others are frustrating, upsetting, or awkward. I’d like to share three of my most embarrassing stories from medical school and residency.

Jobs for IMGs without residency

How doctors can make up for not having a residency

There are great jobs for IMGs without residency. This article describes 10 ways that you can – to some extent – neutralize the fact that you haven’t completed a US residency program. These can help you land a job that both pays well and makes use of your medical knowledge.

jobs for physicians without residency

8 nonclinical jobs for physicians without residency

Whatever your reason is for not completing a residency, don’t let it hold you back from using your medical degree to have a fulfilling, lucrative career. Here is a rundown of some great jobs for physicians without a residency.

Counting years of experience when changing fields

How do I count years of experience as a physician changing jobs?

Years of experience can be difficult to quantify for physicians, since we have so much training during which we’re technically practicing medicine and gaining experience in the field. Moreover, for those with a career that has involved some combination of patient care, research, administrative work, or other responsibilities, your total years of professional experience will surpass your years of experience in any one of these job areas. So how do you tell if you meet the “years of experience” requirement for a position?