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Be your own physician champion

Physician champions don’t need to be for just for EMR implementations. Here are tips on how to add value into your life by being your own physician champion.

career goals for doctors

New year’s career goals for doctors

It’s so easy to get into the grind and fall into the trap of “working for the weekend.” If this happens, the entire year can go by and all you’ll have to show for it is one year’s salary. One year’s salary for a physician is nothing to scoff at. But what if you could end the year with a lot more? Here’s how to get started on an ultra-effective, super-fulfilling professional life in the new year.

How to find freelance medical writing jobs

How to find freelance medical writing jobs

Probably the most difficult part of getting started with freelance medical writing as a physician is finding your first few jobs. They most likely won’t fall into your lap. But worry not – there are great ways to go about finding them. I discuss four methods below to help you get yourself established. You can focus on one, or combine techniques to maximize your chances of finding gigs that are a good fit for your interests.

Career Oppotunities for Doctors

4 keys to stumbling across rewarding opportunities

The best career opportunities for doctors take effort to find. And it takes some legwork to be in a position that you’re a contender to be selected for these opportunities. It gets easier with time, though. Opportunities beget more opportunities.

You should start a blog since you're a doctor

Why you should start a blog as a physician

With more than 400 million blogs scattered across the internet, it’s easy to dismiss starting your own blog. Uncertainly about how readers will find your blog and fear of having nothing substantial to add to what already exists are common reasons to stick to being a reader rather than a blogger. But let me assure you that, as a highly-educated individual with expertise in medicine and healthcare, you definitely have something substantial to add.