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how can doctors make extra money

How can doctors make extra money – even in a low-paying specialty?

You don’t need to be a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or other procedure-heavy, narrowly focused specialist to enjoy a great income as a physician. There are a number of ways that family medicine physicians, internists, pediatricians, generalists, and doctors in traditionally “low-paying” specialties can earn a higher-than-average income.

Navigating the Nonclinical Physician Jobs Space

The intersection of nonclinical jobs in healthcare

We’ve spent the past 20 weeks blogging about nonclinical job opportunities for physicians. Getting started down this road can be overwhelming. Many doctors feel they aren’t equipped for nonclinical roles. Here are three pieces of advice to help you navigate the nonclinical physician jobs space and set yourself up for success.

Careers for Physicians in Healthcare Administration

Careers for physicians in healthcare administration

As healthcare institutions continue to grow and the landscape of medicine continues to evolve, there is an increasing need for physician leaders in healthcare administration. Physicians have the insight of working within the system and know the unique challenges that clinicians face in providing care to their patients.