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Free CME Podcasts

20 Free CME Podcasts That Can Help Groom Your Career

Published by Lookforzebras In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, staying updated with the latest knowledge and developments is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, access to valuable educational resources … Read more

Healthcare Policy Analyst

How To Become A Healthcare Policy Analyst

Published by Lookforzebras Healthcare Policy Analysts play a critical role in shaping healthcare systems and policies that affect the well-being of entire populations. They are the experts who gather, analyze, and interpret data to help … Read more

Healthcare Financial Analyst

Healthcare Financial Analyst As A Career Path

Published by Lookforzebras In today’s dynamic realm of career opportunities, where the intersection of finance and compassionate care is paramount, a career as a Healthcare Financial Analyst emerges as an intriguing and impactful choice. This … Read more

CME online

Can I Do CME Online?

Published by Lookforzebras Yes, you can complete Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits online. Many organizations and institutions offer online CME courses and activities, allowing healthcare professionals to earn the required credits to maintain their medical … Read more

CME Courses

10 Considerations While Choosing CME Courses

Published by Lookforzebras In the ever-evolving realm of medicine, staying updated is not just a choice but a responsibility. As physicians, our quest for knowledge is ceaseless, making Continuing Medical Education (CME) an indispensable part … Read more

Medical Practice Manager

Becoming A Medical Practice Manager

Published by Lookforzebras Ready to embark on a career path that combines your passion for healthcare with your knack for organization and leadership? If so, then becoming a medical practice manager could be the perfect … Read more

Pursuing Physical Therapy Career

Pursuing Physical Therapy Career

Published by Lookforzebras Physical therapy is a rapidly growing field that is attracting more and more professionals every year. As the world becomes more health-conscious, people are looking for ways to stay active and healthy, … Read more


Forensic Pathology: Bridging Medicine And Justice

Published by Lookforzebras Step into the captivating realm of forensic pathology, a career that combines medicine, science, and the pursuit of truth. As a forensic pathologist, you become a detective of the dead, unraveling the … Read more

A Career In Oncology

From Passion To Purpose: A Career In Oncology

Published by Lookforzebras Oncology is a specialized branch of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer. It requires years of rigorous education, training, and dedication, but the rewards are immeasurable. As … Read more

Medical Specialty Residency Lengths

Demystifying Medical Specialty Residency Lengths

Published by Lookforzebras Embarking on the path to become a medical specialist is an arduous and time-consuming journey. Not only must you successfully complete medical school, but you must also undergo a residency program to … Read more

Signs of Successful internship program

7 Signs Of A Successful Internship Program

Published by Lookforzebras Internships can help you obtain valuable work experience, complete a college requirement, and contribute to your resume. They can expose you to various areas of full-time work while also allowing you to … Read more

Signs of A poor Internship program

10 Signs Of A Poor Internship Program

Published by Lookforzebras Employers are increasingly using internships as an extruder to train their staff. Whether you are looking to start an internship program or applying for a job, understanding the signs of a poor … Read more

10 skills you already have that lend themselves to a non-clinical career

There’s a tendency among physicians who are considering leaving clinical medicine to feel that they’re not adequately prepared or lacking the appropriate skill set for the new work. Even if you’ve spent your entire career to date in a clinical setting, you’ve acquired and used skills that are vital for a non-clinical career – even one that is only tangentially related to medicine.