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federal government fellowship programs

Government fellowship opportunities for doctors seeking pharma careers

Whatever your stage of medical training or practice, federal government fellowship programs are worth looking into if you’re interested in a career in drug development and safety. Here are six federal government fellowship programs that are great options for doctors who want to break into pharma.

how to become a drug safety physician

How to become a drug safety physician

Getting into drug safety – as well many pharma jobs – can be difficult without having prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry. But there are ways to gain relevant experience in drug safety without actually holding the title of Drug Safety Physician. Here’s how.

Medical device jobs for physicians

Medical device jobs for physicians

Physicians can hold positions working for medical device companies by working in development and safety, traveling to provide training and education, and in marketing and sales of the devices to fellow health professionals.

Regulatory writing for physicians

Scientific and regulatory medical writing jobs for physicians

Physicians who have worked in academic research, written clinical guidelines, or worked in quality improvement at their institutions may enjoy working in scientific and regulatory writing conveying safety, regulatory, and clinical summary information.