3 - Global Health and Non-profit Careers for Physicians

Global health and non-profit careers for physicians

Physicians, particularly those with public health, global health, healthcare administration, or business backgrounds may find that there is no shortage of positions in nonprofits around the world that could benefit from physician knowledge and training.

2 - Careers for Physicians in Public Health and Population Medicine

Careers for physicians in public health and population medicine

Physicians or medical professionals with a strong interest in preventive health and working to improve patient health on a larger scale may enjoy a position in public health. By working at the population versus the individual patient level, physicians can help research and enact public health programming that will affect the health of the general public.

Careers for Physicians in Government and Public Policy

Governmental and public policy careers for physicians

Although many physicians may dread the bureaucracy, political maneuvering, and protocols involved in government work, it is incredibly important that physicians have a say in the legislation that affects the health of the citizens of the United States, whether nationally or on a local scale.