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Franchises for doctors

Franchises for doctors and how to tell if owning one is right for you

Certain personality traits and interests lend themselves to franchise ownership. Your modus operandi in clinical practice can also shed light on whether you may be successful with a franchise. Here are ten characteristics that suggest a franchise should be a serious consideration for you’re interested in owning a business.

angel investing in biotech startups

Investing in biotech startups for healthcare professionals

Investing in biotech. life sciences, and health startups is an appealing alternative investment for physicians. This article covers a few avenues to get started, including syndicates through online portals, angel networks, and regulation CF funding.

Alternative investment options for doctors

Alternative investment options for doctors

‘Alternative investment’ is a broad term, though it generally refers to any number of investments that fall outside of traditional stocks and bonds. Alternative investments include investing in private companies (such as startups), peer to peer lending, real estate and real estate crowdfunding, investing in assets that have value (such as precious metals, hedge funds, and others.