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Physician mortage loans

5 Best Physician Mortgage Loans

Physician mortgage loans (also known as doctor loans) have been specially designed with doctors in mind. Doctors often have a massive student loan debt. Plus, their work experience may not reflect their true earning potential, particularly the ones who have just finished their residency. Doctor loans help physicians get as much as $1 million from lenders based on their unique financial needs.

Medical Board Complaints

Common Causes Of Medical Board Complaints: Process, Risks, Threats

Medical board complaint refers to the process of registering a complaint against any medical practitioner. A patient can complain to the respective state medical council or boards for unprofessional conduct and inadequate care by a physician or healthcare provider. If the patient is covered by medicare, they can file a complaint directly to medicare.

alternative income for physicians

Alternative Income for Physicians: 24 Lucrative Options

Physicians have a lot of opportunities to make money outside of the clinic. However, many physicians don’t know how to find these opportunities or even if they exist in the first place. That said, it does always come down to investing additional time or money.

moonlighting for residents

Moonlighting For Residents

For instance, some contracts forbid employees from practicing within the same geographic location, specialization, or through locum tenens and telemedicine. The feasibility depends on the parameters of the training program.


Locum tenens companies for physicians

Locum tenens has addressed the need for temporary physician staffing of the healthcare industry for decades. Let’s look at physicians who have pinpointed this problem and took an innovative approach to solve it.

Franchises for doctors

Franchises for doctors and how to tell if owning one is right for you

Certain personality traits and interests lend themselves to franchise ownership. Your modus operandi in clinical practice can also shed light on whether you may be successful with a franchise. Here are ten characteristics that suggest a franchise should be a serious consideration for you’re interested in owning a business.

Evading the physician hourly wage trap

Evading the physician hourly wage trap

We tend to spend a lot of our professional lives trading time for money. Make physician hourly wage a thing of the past with these six tips, which hold true whether you’re a full-time employee or self-employed, and whether you’re practicing clinical medicine or do nonclinical work.

part-time physician consulting

Getting your first clients as a part-time physician consultant

You may want to do some part-time physician consulting early on in your career. Or start a consulting side gig in an area that you’re not very well known. This is definitely possible – you just need to be proactive. Regardless of exactly what your hustle is, you can accelerate the process of getting your first clients as a part-time physician consultant.

career goals for doctors

New year’s career goals for doctors

It’s so easy to get into the grind and fall into the trap of “working for the weekend.” If this happens, the entire year can go by and all you’ll have to show for it is one year’s salary. One year’s salary for a physician is nothing to scoff at. But what if you could end the year with a lot more? Here’s how to get started on an ultra-effective, super-fulfilling professional life in the new year.

alternative sources of income for doctors

Now is a great time to start a side gig

There are so many alternative sources of income for doctors and medical professionals. It’s a great time to get started with a side hustle. Here are five reasons why, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Businesses doctors can start

Non-clinical B2B service businesses for physicians

A B2B business involves you, as your own small company, making a transaction with another business instead of with an individual consumer. One of the best parts of starting a service-based business is that the barriers to entry are very low. Physicians have a great breadth and depth of knowledge that is an excellent foundation for services tangentially related to healthcare, but without the red tape and regulation of opening a medical practice.

Non-clinical service businesses doctors can start

Any doctor start and run and successful, profitable business. Small businesses that offer a service as their product are a perfect solution for many physicians wanting to earn extra income, share their knowledge, help with peoples’ challenges faced by people or companies, and have more autotomy in their work.

The Spectrum of Work Types for Physicians

The spectrum of work types for physicians

Many jobs in medicine bring on the question of physician employee vs independent contractor. For those working as consultants or with alternative work arrangements, it’s important to understand the differences between various work arrangements.