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angel investing in biotech startups

Investing in biotech startups for healthcare professionals

Investing in biotech. life sciences, and health startups is an appealing alternative investment for physicians. This article covers a few avenues to get started, including syndicates through online portals, angel networks, and regulation CF funding.

Startup jobs for physicians

Startup and biotech jobs for physicians

Health start-ups with a focus on technology often provide an opportunity to tackle some of the problems facing the entire industry with innovative solutions. As a result, startup and biotech jobs for physicians are increasing in number.

Physician Clinical Informatics Jobs

Physician clinical informatics jobs

Physicians working in health innovation are often responsible for ensuring that health institutions are on the forefront of health advances and technologies, which currently involves the application of digital health measures to improve patient health outcomes and provider work environments.

Pharmaceutical physicians jobs in drug development

Jobs in clinical trials and drug development for pharmaceutical physicians

Physicians or medical professionals in clinical trial and drug development often work in conjunction with a host of other professionals including PhD researchers, marketers, chemists, pharmacists, and others to ensure that drugs in clinical trials that will soon come to market are safe and efficacious.