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Jobs for IMGs without residency

How doctors can make up for not having a residency

There are great jobs for IMGs without residency. This article describes 10 ways that you can – to some extent – neutralize the fact that you haven’t completed a US residency program. These can help you land a job that both pays well and makes use of your medical knowledge.


The true cost of a state medical license

While medical license requirements by state are similar, the cost is not. Here are the various fees associated in obtaining and renewing a state license for physicians.

Counting years of experience when changing fields

How do I count years of experience as a physician changing jobs?

Years of experience can be difficult to quantify for physicians, since we have so much training during which we’re technically practicing medicine and gaining experience in the field. Moreover, for those with a career that has involved some combination of patient care, research, administrative work, or other responsibilities, your total years of professional experience will surpass your years of experience in any one of these job areas. So how do you tell if you meet the “years of experience” requirement for a position?

10 skills you already have that lend themselves to a non-clinical career

There’s a tendency among physicians who are considering leaving clinical medicine to feel that they’re not adequately prepared or lacking the appropriate skill set for the new work. Even if you’ve spent your entire career to date in a clinical setting, you’ve acquired and used skills that are vital for a non-clinical career – even one that is only tangentially related to medicine.


The Perpetual Vitae™ and how to write a physician CV

Developing a Perpetual CV will drastically improve your efficiency in applying for medical licenses, filling out job applications, and answering various questions that arise pertaining to your professional history.