Medical apps for Nurse practioners

Top 10 Medical Apps For Nurse Practitioners

Nurses need the latest clinical knowledge and effective communication to provide optimal care for the patients. Accessing electronic practice guidelines and medication information is an integral part of a nurse’s daily work.  With numerous apps … Read more

Career advice for Medical intern

Career And Salary Of A Medical Intern

A medical intern is a physician in training. He/She has completed medical school or a medical degree but does not have the license to practice medicine unsupervised. An intern enters the Graduate Medical Education (G.M.E.) … Read more

Prior Authorization: The What, How, And Why

What is Prior Authorization? Prior Authorization is also known as Prior certification or Prior Approval. It is the process of receiving pre-approval from an insurance company for a particular medication or a treatment process. The … Read more

Requirements for Hiring Doctors

15 Requirements To Successfully Hire A Doctor

Hiring the right physician can be challenging. Whether it’s a clinical or non-clinical job, the right person needs to have all the skills, certifications, and experience needed for your organization. It can be hard to … Read more

Early retirement hacks

Early Retirement Hack: Everything About Fat FIRE

Fat FIRE refers to a popular financial goal management strategy and lifestyle movement known as FIRE. As the name suggests, FIRE or Financial Independence Retire Early is a modern lifestyle hack that is championed to provide a … Read more