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How To Hire A Doctor? 

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Hospitals spend a lot of money on staffing to meet their manpower requirements yet they continue to face shortages. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AMA) released a report recently that the USA could face a shortage of up to 120k physicians by 2030. 

Recruitment of competent doctors is the cornerstone of meeting the healthcare needs of local communities. We have covered how to hire a doctor for various jobs below. Essentially, it’s about your recruitment strategies, marketing, referrals, and networks.

Recruitment Marketing

Hospitals and Healthcare clinics should engage in recruitment marketing. This includes,

  • Create superlative career pages per specialty: Understand the value of his/her specialty and create a career page. The page should be eye-catching and include features such as the professional growth path, compensation, work features and other aspects. The job board should clearly mention the type of doctors and specialists you are looking for.
  • Highlight your employer’s brand on social media: Social media is a very powerful tool to use in the recruitment process. The hospital’s image should be enhanced so that a doctor would want to work there. It should be attractive as the go-to place for employment.      
  • Increase your hospital’s pool of talented doctors, and the hospital should also be advertised in online communities and on social media
  • Identify top doctor talent across specialty areas through the medium of medical conferences. Display the career path in the hospital as meaningful professional growth
  • Hire doctor recruitment partners to help with shortlisting, screening, verification, and background checks. Through their networking, they have a database of doctors whom they can contact to hire recruits.
  • Be open to the idea of hiring doctors from different geographies. This will ensure the availability of the best talent. Diversity also helps to increase the hospital’s knowledge base and enhance the workplace culture.
  • Streamline and eliminate unnecessary layers in the hierarchy through which the interview process is conducted. Make your recruitment process digital or online which makes it more efficient.
  • Use technology-enabled screening tools. In this digital age, technological tools are used to enhance screening tools and also convey the message that the hospital is forward-looking.
  • Conduct both diagnostic as well as psychometric tests during the interview process. This will enable multiple measures to assess the doctor’s skills and capabilities. Psychometric or behavioral traits such as intelligence, empathy, and tendency to treat patients humanely and compassionately can all be assessed through these tests.  

Suppose your hospital is an epicenter of a talent pool. In that case, it will attract mid-level and junior doctors who want the privilege of working with senior doctors in the hospital.         

How To Hire A Doctor For A Start-Up Advisory Job?

A startup advisor is a person whom founders and advisors can trust. A start-up advisor is an expert ensures there is competence in the team, including financial, technological, medical, etc. A start-up medical advisor should understand the complexities and culture of healthcare, and domain expertise in his field of medical specialization.

Job Description: 

  • The doctor in the start-up advisory position will act as a key leader in the company and provide clinical expertise in working with a team of engineers for product development. 
  • He will design products for providers, health plans, and other segments for adoption. 
  • He will take the initiative in advancing the ideas from the idea stage to a successful conclusion. He will be able to thrive in a highly collaborative environment. 
  • He will also develop industry affiliations to increase awareness of the hospital’s brand and product. 
  • Familiarity with execution, strategy, and knowledge of medicine, as well as the entrepreneurial landscape, is a necessary skill.

Compensation Type: Combination of cash and equity options.

How To Hire A Doctor For A Clinical Research Job?

The typical route for a doctor to start a clinical research career is as a clinical research associate. His duties will encompass verifying regulatory compliance as all medical trial tasks. The next step up the ladder is to become a project manager. 

A more realistic way is to start as a clinical research coordinator or a clinical research assistant. ICH-GPE demands educational qualifications, trial experience, and skills from every person involved in the trial. Starting salaries for clinical research assistants are around US$ 60,000, and there is a large shortage of qualified people in this field. 

For positions detailed GCP training, practical internship, and professional coaching are necessary to secure positions in this area. Hands-on experience and knowledge of all guidelines and regulations are a must. 

The candidate should be interested in drug safety, medical affairs, and medical safety and regulatory affairs.

How To Hire A Doctor For A Clinic?

You may need a junior general physician if it is a small clinic. He may not have the requisite experience to work independently. Such doctors will be helpful in shift work and monitoring the patient’s condition.

If you want to hire a partner for the same practice area, you need to carry out background checks and ensure that they do not carry malpractice suits or a bad track record.

If you wish to hire a doctor trainee, you need to get professional references and check the level of knowledge, skill, and certifications. Just having the addendum of the doctor is not a guarantee of authenticity. Check if the doctor has proper certifications and license. 

You have to ensure that your clinic’s value systems align with theirs. This will lead to a seamless operation; otherwise, there will be conflicts of interest in the future. 

An important preparatory step is to write detailed job descriptions to identify the specific knowledge, skills, and credentials you are looking for. Make sure your clinic is well advertised on social media to create brand recognition for your clinic. 

You should check for all details such as references, membership in relevant associations, number of cases, and patients treated. If a potential doctor hire is networked in all associations and guilds, their reputation and track record will be known to other doctors from whom the details can be checked.

How To Hire A Doctor Online?

You can hire a doctor online by posting the job on online recruitment sites. There are many online sites where you can advertise and hire a doctor to meet your requirements. Indeed, Upwork and Flex jobs are useful sites in this regard. 

You have to go through all the steps sequentially. 

  • Verification of all credentials, and qualifications. 
  • Video interviews as well as face-to-face interviews. 
  • Most manpower agencies also advertise positions online. This way, there is no dearth of candidates including accessibility to overseas doctor candidates. 

By advertising online, you have access to a larger pool of candidates.

Questions can range from any of the following:-

  • Proficiency in medicine and associated areas
  • Experience in treating health conditions and suggesting treatments for them.
  • Initiating various courses of treatment for treating medical conditions in patients.

When looking for multiple candidates, look at chief behavioural traits like empathy, compassion and ability to be compassionate towards patients. Once you hire a candidate, recognise and reward your doctor’s contributions and promote a good work-life balance. Encourage continuing education on the part of your doctor hires.

How To Hire A Doctor Near Me?

Hospitals and private businesses frequently use physician recruitment agencies to hire doctors. Hiring a doctor to work near the clinic helps take care of patients offline when they visit the clinic or the hospital. 

But this should not restrict advertising online and through recruitment agencies as you will have access to a wider pool of candidates. Relocation expenses can always be paid as a part of the package. Hiring a doctor locally means relocation expenses are not necessarily a part of the package. 

In hiring local candidates, the advantage is they will already know the patient’s profile, the widely occurring diseases, speak the local language and be able to relate better to patients initially. 

You can hire a doctor locally through your local networks of doctors, advertising on local websites, and conferences and seminars. You may even send feelers to doctors working in competing hospitals in the local area in the particular specializations you are interested in.

How To Hire a Doctor for a Data Analyst Job?

A data analyst is a part researcher and also has engineering knowledge. A data analyst’s role includes:

  • Mining data collected.
  • Finding new ways to collect data.
  • Pulling critical insights from that data.

A data analyst helps to identify key trends in the medical practice or hospital and suggests methods to improve ROIs. The candidate is expected to analyze data, build models from the data, and refine the data so that only critical elements surface. This refined data helps in decision-making.

The candidate for this position must combine medical and data research and analysis skills. He/She should also have technical skills and knowledge of software systems to perform his or her function as a data analyst. 

This is a generalist role where knowledge of data analysis software like Tableau/Excel will be helpful. Previous experience in this role would be a plus. You can look at hiring a permanent hire where you have long-term and unique data analysis needs. 

Their medical competencies and data analysis skills make such individuals uniquely qualified to understand the healthcare business and use their data analysis skills to deliver unique insights.

 During the interview process, clarify the following issues: 

  • The systems they will be using 
  • The team and the reporting structure 
  • What knowledge can you give them to be effective?

During the onboarding process, lay down clear KPIs and goals for them.  

How to Hire A Doctor For A Medical Director Job?

A medical director is responsible for the standard and quality of care in a hospital or a healthcare facility. This is more of a hospital administration role. The average salary for a medical director can vary from US$ 75,000 to US$ 454,000.( Source: Indeed.com.)

A medical director pursues the twin objectives of enhancing the quality of medical care as well as increasing the productivity of the doctors and employees of the hospital or the healthcare organization. He also has business objectives like increasing sales, revenue and profit targets of the facility.

Responsibilities include:

  • Amending the hospital’s best practices and policies in conjunction with the medical board
  • Supervise a team of physicians and specialists and ensure hospital policies are being complied with in providing patient care.
  • Collaborate with care providers and ensure that they are provided optimal training for delivering the best quality patient care.

As a healthcare facility, you may want to decide between a full-time and a contractual director. A contractual director is a better option for smaller healthcare organizations and healthcare divisions of medical device companies etc. 

But for larger facilities, a full-time director on staff is a better bet so that he will be able to devote his full time and attention to the organization. Medical Directors’ functions vary according to whether it is a clinical setting or a non-clinical setting. 

Accordingly, there are the following categories of medical directors:-

  • Facility Medical Director/ Clinical Director for large healthcare facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical Medical Directors for Pharmaceutical and drug companies
  • Health plan Medical Director or Insurance Medical Director at insurance claim processing companies.
  • Executive Director/ Chief Medical Officer who reports to the Board of a hospital
  • Associate Medical Director who assists the Medical Directors of the organization.

Qualifications for a Medical Director include the following:

  • Mandatory requirement of an MD degree preferably with an MBA.
  • Current Medical license.
  • Ten years of practical experience in a hospital administration role, in managing large teams and elevating the quality of medical care.
  • Superlative verbal, communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to prioritize work and do excellent time management. 

How To Hire a Doctor for a Digital Health Director Job?

 A digital health director leverages technology for results and impact throughout the organization. He leads all the efforts to develop and implement digital health solutions, creating pathways for leveraging and implementing digital solutions in all programs.

He supervises a team of digital healthcare workers and hospital employees. He will be responsible for the health systems innovation and work towards ensuring evidence-based planning, programming, reporting, and adherence to high-quality standards.

The responsibilities for the role include:

  • Work as a digital health initiative visionary.
  • Works as an active participant in international health and open source informatics.
  • Represents the organizations in informatics conferences and seminars.
  • Help the finance team to analyze which funding opportunities to pursue new digital initiatives.
  • Evaluates system tools, systems, strategies, and best practices
  • Works to develop a digital health technical strategy and create shared, standard-based solutions with the digital health community leaders.
  • Deploy digital health solutions in the organization.

Qualifications include the following:

Master’s degree and

  • Twelve years of experience in digital health, Informatics, Computer Science, Computer Information systems, and Statistics.
  • An MD or a Ph.D. with at least eight years of experience
  • Thought leader in the fusion of information technology and global health
  • Strong communicator in digital health concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Proven ability in fundraising for leading digital initiatives.
  • Comfortable in an ever-changing, virtual environment, especially given the iterative nature of digital health projects.
  • Other competencies include innovation, accountability, service excellence, client relationship management, strategic thinking, organizational leadership, and risk management.

Such a role could exist in a hospital, a healthcare facility, or even a digital health devices company undergoing explosive growth. Opportunities abound for digital health technical executives who improve human health through technology.

How To Hire A Doctor For a Market Research Position?

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to conduct market research on a potential new product or a new medical device introduction. As a doctor, you need to be aware of the product and research the competitors, customers, and the market in general. 

As a market researcher, you will study current market conditions, analyze past trends and performance and make predictions about future performance. You will also be responsible for developing marketing strategies for the organization. 

If the pharmaceutical or medical device company is launching a new product into the market, then market research, along with focus group interviews with a sample population to develop future marketing strategies. This helps in the successful launch of the new product or the device. 

Primary research can be conducted over the phone, video conferencing, and chat platforms, considerably reducing costs. This helps in covering a wide geographic area without traveling anywhere.

Roles and responsibilities include the following:

  • Preparing a brief and proposals for the study.
  • Conducting primary market research through focus group interviews of people.
  • Conducting secondary market research can be done online or using market research agencies.
  • Writing a questionnaire for the focus group surveys.
  • Analyzing and interpreting the data to drive decisions
  • Use statistical data analysis tools to get accurate results
  • Finalizing a budget with the finance department for market research.

Skills and qualifications required for the above job include the following:

  • An MD with an MBA in Marketing would be ideal for this position
  • Practical experience in conducting market research
  • Good communication skills, analytical skills, and creativity.
  • Must be highly organized and detail-oriented.
  • Good at understanding and gleaning cues from facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal cues.
  • Ability to conduct large-scale interviews.

The median salary for this position is US$ 128,500 but can range up to US$ 150,000.

How To Hire A Doctor As A Brand Ambassador?

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies hire brand ambassadors to help their value proposition to their customers. A brand ambassador performs the following functions:

  • Consistency in advertising the company’s products
  • Monitoring the conversion rates
  • Support the marketing strategy and the efforts of the marketing team.

Skills and qualifications for a medical brand ambassador include the following:

  • A top specialist or an expert in the medical field for which he is the brand ambassador
  • Marketing strategy knowledge
  • Advertising experience
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Attention to deadlines and attention to detail.
  • He should have previously worked as a brand and product strategist.
  • Should have been a part of successful campaigns in the past.

As a brand ambassador, the medical physician or clinical specialist should help organize events, promote brands and present your product in the best possible light. He should be able to relate to savvy customers and help build trust in the brand.

You can use marketing agencies to assist you in finding the best brand ambassador for your product.

How To Hire A Doctor For IRB and FDA analysis?

The doctor should know the following:

  • Get in-depth knowledge about the regulations. Awareness of all the important codes of the federal regulations is essential
  • Establish the necessary infrastructure
  • Search for drug trials online and on websites such as CentreWatch.com and ClinicalTrials.gov
  • Complete the needed forms
  • Prepare for a pre-study visit
  • Receive the IRB approval
  • Start a site initiation and review visit
  • Examine the various parts of the clinical trial  

Skills and qualifications required:

  • A degree in pharmaceutical science or chemistry
  • Have experience with additional coursework in statistics and programming. There is a minimum requirement of 30 hours of coursework in these fields.

The average pay is around US$ 56,000 to US$ 60,000

How To Hire A Doctor For Clinical Trial Consulting?

  • A clinical trial consultant develops discrete, actionable questions from an initial idea.
  • Refines and prioritizes research questions
  • Translates research questions into relatable hypothesis
  • Evaluates the possible impact of the research
  • Defines clinically significant measures that are important from the point of view of the patients, providers and researchers
  • Studies of the feasibility of the study design in the study settings and other operational considerations
  • Identifies critical questions in the feasibility and pilot studies.

Skills and qualifications:

  • The clinical trial consultant should be a biostatistician and an experienced clinical investigator
  • Should have at least 10-12 years of practical experience in the above fields.
  • Ability in report writing, reviewing the trial process and suggesting a roadmap for clinical trials.

How To Hire A Doctor For Product Testing And Review? 

As a product tester and reviewer, it would be best if you worked closely with clinical trials. As a medical product tester and reviewer, you must check the trial participants’ health and eligibility. If it is a pharmaceutical product, you have to test how the drug is metabolized and excreted and identify acute side effects. 

You must gather safety data and preliminary evidence of the product’s beneficial effects and develop procedures for further trials and ensure that there is no bias in conducting the trial or interpreting the results. All known risks should be explained to the research participants. The products tested could be drugs, biological or medical devices.

In medical devices, you should ensure that there are proper design controls and the product meets specifications. You should be able to do a fault-tree analysis of a process or a design, conduct failure mode or effects analysis, and biocompatibility of testing materials. 

 A few of the requirements include:

  • You have to have an M.D., a biostatistician, and a Master’s in Chemistry
  • Prior experience working in this field is a must.

How To Hire A Doctor As A Career Advisor?

A physician career advisor helps potential doctors and new entrants narrow career alternatives. A career advisor will provide a shortlist of opportunities available in a particular locality or area. He advises on the career growth path and highlights areas that provide the most challenges. 

Career Advisors will also give a grounding on the best hospitals to work for in terms of work culture. They may advise potential doctors on the merits of being employed for a hospital or starting your practice and the pitfalls of each option. As a career advisor, you can advise doctors on how to pare down their medical school debt.

Skills and qualifications required:

  • An experienced doctor with an MBA in Human resources
  • Practical experience as a career counselor or advisor will be helpful.
  • Knowledge of various hospitals’ internal workings and human resource policies will be useful.
  • Good communication skills and experience in guiding subordinates.

The ballpark salary for a physician advisor is around US$ 40,000 to US$ 50,000.

How To Hire A Doctor As A Medical Writer?

Medical writing is the art of creating well-structured medical and scientific documents. Medical writing is classified into i) Regulatory and ii) educational medical writing. 

Regulatory writing involves obtaining approvals from regulatory agencies for drugs, and devices. Documents, where medical writing involves clinical trial reports, regulatory submission documents and post-regulatory approval documents.

Skills and qualifications required:

  • Ability to understand medical terminologies
  • Keeping up with medical trends
  • Have great analytical skills and
  • Fluent writing skills
  • An M.D or a D.O is a necessary qualification along with clinical experience.

Medical writers charge by the hour, by the project or per word.

Look for professional medical writers, also the right job platform to hire medical writers, shortlist the topics and review the published work. WritersGig provides a lot of potential, best-verified medical writers.

How To Hire A Doctor As A Medical Reviewer?

Some of the responsibilities include the following:-

  • Conduct ongoing training for medical affairs, field sales and other internal personnel in the organization.
  • Get research requests and initiate discussion on R&D between investigators.
  • Be a valuable resource to commercial partners
  • Analyze disease state and product-specific information
  • Conduct targeted research projects to form market developments, and clinical and business development plans.
  • Review sources and research citations and suggest alternatives.

Skills and qualifications include:-

  • Have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in accounting, business, marketing or life sciences
  • Demonstrated product knowledge and business acumen
  • Attention to detail and critical thinking
  • Familiarity with nanostructures and clinical practices
  • A problem solver and leader with prior consulting experience.

A medical reviewer’s salary is in the ballpark of US$ 120,000 per year.

How To Hire A Doctor As A Chief Medical Officer?

A chief medical Officer has training in both clinical and administrative fields. He is in charge of training employees and supervises other team members. They help in the achievement of the organization’s business goals.

Skills and qualifications required include:

  • Previous management experience
  • Knowledge of industry best practices
  • Training employees
  • Ability to work under pressure and time management skills.

In the interview process, questions will be asked based on:-

  • Previous relevant experience
  • Management techniques
  • Working as a part of an executive team.

The salary range is around US$ 200,000. It can also go up to US$ 400,000.

How To Hire A Doctor As A Health Information Manager?

The job involves securing traditional and digital health information records. A health information manager designs, implements and maintains computerised health records, educates co-workers about procedures and technology and supervises other health information employees. 

Skills and qualifications:

  • A Master’s degree or its equivalent in computer sciences or Information technology.
  • An MD or DO
  • Have an understanding of IT, administrative knowledge and clinical knowledge
  • Be detail oriented and have analytical skills.

The salary scale of a health information manager is around US$ 60,000.

Key Takeaways

Most organizations need to plan for hiring new doctors and have the budgets to pay the salary scales of potential new hires. They should also invest in the infrastructure required to make the process seamless. 

Not hiring at the right time means opportunity losses of patient footfall and non-availability of suitable candidates when you are actually in a position to hire. This ultimately affects the growth of the organization. This will also ultimately affect your plans to scale up your business. 

Planning the whole process right from creating the basic infrastructure, arranging finance, and developing marketing strategies are critical for the success of growing your organization. Plan your recruitment of doctors six months before you hire the ideal candidate.   



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