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How To Get Speaking Engagements And Write A Speaker One-Sheet?

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Speechmaking is a powerful tool to share a concept or an idea and a great way to build relationships and develop an audience or platform. Public speaking is either captivating or terrifying to most people. It is an essential skill for key opinion leaders.

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How To Get Speaking Engagements?

If you follow the below-listed steps, you may enhance your opportunities and line up your inbox with relevant contacts. Here is a list to find speaking engagements:

1. Decide the Purpose for Getting Into Speaking

Most of the speakers get on the stage to build a career, promote their business, or sell books. You may start by talking with a small group of people like your peers and friends and move forward by improving your skills to attract a broader audience.

When you narrow down your focus on what you want to talk about, it will become much simpler to find opportunities.

2. Approaching a Venue

You may try getting speaking engagements by approaching a venue. You must demonstrate your capabilities and let them know you are aware of their programs and target audience/TA. You could prepare some topics and give them the outline of what you are going to talk about.

3. Join A Club or Networking Organization

You may join a club, networking organization, or any interest group of your choice where people give speeches frequently. After attending a few events, you might get an opportunity to present and examine your public speaking skills.

You can refine your skills through critical and unbiased feedback. Even our physiology works on negative feedback loops. Ensure proper systems for feedback as it’s critical to a successful career as a speaker.

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4. Going Online

Creating a blog or a page for speechmaking on your website can be an icebreaker. It would help if you mentioned your name, the topics of interest that your speech would be based upon, descriptions, videos of your speeches, etc. You may send out links through social media to your friends and family, which may be further shared and accessed by many. This way, you may be able to increase your visitors.

5. Book a Venue Locally

Though tiring, you will have to approach many venues before you get an opportunity. You may call and send e-mail to venues that host speakers. It may take a while, but it’s worth getting a speaking proposal.

Some venues follow specific guidelines for speaking engagements, and you must follow them to meet their requirements.

6. Speak at Regional Conference

After succeeding locally, you may proceed to speak at conferences regionally. It may prove competitive compared to local, but you may build a career speaking on topics related to your expertise. There is enormous demand for Key opinion leaders/KOL’s in the biotechnology and life science companies.

Alongside, maintain your online presence by updating testimonials, your recorded speeches, topics, videos, etc., to get better slots.

Giving a speech before a group of people might generate interest and gain opportunities to chat with customers, peers, partners, investors, employees, etc. If you are honing your skills with unique and engaging topics, you may attract a good audience and become an outstanding speaker.

For a complete list of speaking engagements, you may also visit:


How To Write A Speaker One Sheet?

A Speaker One Sheet is a downloadable PDF designed creatively and compellingly to help the event organizers find relevant and engaging speakers. It is one sheet (double-sided) that contains brief information about your personality, speechmaking topics, and other crucial data.

The Speaker One Sheet also acts as a marketing tool to promote you as a speaker. You could add hyperlinks on the PDF of your webpage, speaking videos, testimonials, etc., which may direct the decision-maker to explore more about you and invoke a conversation.

When you create a Speaker One Sheet, you must include a few elements that should speak for themselves about you.

1. A Nice Headshot

It is quite obvious that any person would notice the headshot first. Therefore, you may use a recent, high-resolution, professional headshot that could highlight your personality. You may also include action shots or images of you speaking on the stage.

2. Contact Information

Ensure you have included your phone number, e-mail address, and website. It must be easily visible and easy to access through hyperlinks directly to your e-mail or website for the event planners if they decide to offer you an opportunity.

3. Skills, Credentials, and Target Audience

Credentials are essential elements on a Speaker One Sheet. You may also add images of your speaking certifications and awards or accolades, which could boost your value.

You may also add a bio to give adequate information about your experience and expertise. You must demonstrate yourself to be different from other speakers and specify what qualifies you to be a perfect speaker for the event.

You must include a few compelling statements to assure the audience that you can make a difference and what they would gain attending your session.

4. Client List

Mention your past experiences and the list of organizations you have spoken for. You may show it in a bulleted list to draw their attention, cut shorting the space in your Speaker One Sheet. Outline the productivity or financial gain for your past clients to showcase your resourcefulness.

If you are new to speechmaking, speak for free until you gain experience and become an exceptional speaker. Add company logos or organizations that you gave a speech for, and this will allow the event organizer to equate your experience and price level with the client’s demands.

5. Conclude with Testimonials

One of the essential segments is the testimonial. Narrow down happy testimonials and praises from noteworthy clients, which may directly show your performance and abilities as a speaker. If you received some raving reviews from big-name clients, it might indirectly add to your credentials and skills.

6. Social Media

It is a great way to link your social media accounts to demonstrate what you offer to your potential clients. You must provide quality content and videos of your speaking events on social media to give the viewer confidence in your brand.

Whether you are an accomplished or a new speaker on stage, a well-crafted Speaker One Sheet may help you gain speaking opportunities. Here are a few examples of a speaker one sheet. The main idea is to establish why you are worth hiring in a brief and visually enthralling way.

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