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20 Free CME Podcasts That Can Help Groom Your Career

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In the ever-evolving field of healthcare, staying updated with the latest knowledge and developments is not just a choice; it’s a necessity. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, access to valuable educational resources is easier than ever. One of the most convenient and flexible ways to acquire Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits and groom your medical career is through podcasts.

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to free CME podcasts that are not only informative but also engaging and convenient. These podcasts cover a wide range of medical specialties, offering insights, expert discussions, and CME credits that can help you excel in your healthcare profession. So, join us as we explore these invaluable resources to keep your career on the cutting edge.

Free CME Podcasts

1. Medscape CME Podcast

The Medscape CME Podcast is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their medical knowledge and earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Produced by Medscape, a trusted platform in the medical field, this podcast covers a diverse array of medical topics.

Listeners can expect expert insights, interviews with key opinion leaders, case discussions, and updates on the latest research and clinical guidelines. Each episode is designed to be informative, relevant, and engaging for healthcare providers.

One of the standout features of this podcast is its CME credit offerings. By listening to episodes and completing associated quizzes or activities, healthcare professionals can earn CME credits, helping them meet their ongoing education requirements and stay current in their respective fields.

Whether you’re a physician, nurse, pharmacist, or another healthcare professional, the Medscape CME Podcast offers a convenient and accessible way to stay informed and advance your career while on the go. Tune in to expand your medical knowledge and earn CME credits at your own pace.

Podcast Link:  https://www.medscape.org/viewcollection/36470

2. JAMA Clinical Reviews

JAMA Clinical Reviews is an esteemed podcast series offered by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), a renowned medical knowledge and research source. This podcast provides healthcare professionals with in-depth clinical discussions on various medical topics.

Listeners can expect high-quality content featuring expert guests who delve into the latest research, guidelines, and clinical practices. Each episode is thoughtfully designed to explore complex medical issues in an engaging and accessible manner, making it valuable for healthcare providers seeking to expand their knowledge.

One of the notable aspects of JAMA Clinical Reviews is its ability to bridge the gap between research and clinical application. It helps healthcare professionals stay current with evidence-based medicine and provides practical insights that can be applied in patient care.

Podcast Link: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/pages/jama-clinical-reviews

3. NEJM This Week

NEJM This Week is a podcast offered by the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) that provides timely and concise summaries and discussions of recent research articles. This podcast is specifically designed for physicians and healthcare professionals.

By listening to NEJM This Week, you can stay informed about the latest medical research findings, clinical guidelines, and healthcare innovations featured in the NEJM. It’s a valuable resource for staying up-to-date and earning Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Podcast Link: https://store.nejm.org/signup/nejm/intention-to-treat?

4. The Clinical Problem Solvers

The Clinical Problem Solvers is an educational and engaging podcast that focuses on improving clinical reasoning and problem-solving skills for healthcare professionals. Through insightful discussions, practical cases, and expert insights, this podcast offers valuable guidance for enhancing diagnostic and decision-making abilities.

It’s a helpful resource for healthcare providers looking to sharpen their clinical acumen and provides opportunities for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, making it a valuable tool for ongoing professional development.

Podcast Link: https://clinicalproblemsolving.com/episodes/

5. The Curbsiders – An Internal Medicine Podcast

The Curbsiders is a valuable educational resource tailored to internal medicine practitioners. This podcast covers practical and relevant topics within internal medicine, providing clinical insights, expert interviews, and evidence-based guidance. Healthcare professionals can benefit from the in-depth discussions and real-world cases presented.

Additionally, The Curbsiders offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit opportunities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance their internal medicine knowledge and earn CME credits concurrently.

Podcast Link: https://thecurbsiders.com/curbsiders

6. Core IM | Internal Medicine Podcast

Core IM (stands for Clinical Outcomes, Reflections, and Educations in Internal Medicine) is a podcast aimed at healthcare professionals specializing in internal medicine. It presents clinical cases, discussions, and updates relevant to the field of internal medicine.

The podcast is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers. Importantly, it provides opportunities to earn Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, making it an accessible resource for ongoing professional development and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in internal medicine.

Podcast Link: https://www.coreimpodcast.com/

7. Pediatrics in Practice

Pediatrics in Practice is a podcast designed for pediatricians and healthcare professionals working with children. It covers a wide range of clinical topics related to infants, children, and adolescents, offering insights, expert interviews, and evidence-based information.

What sets this podcast apart is its provision of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, allowing healthcare providers to earn while they learn. Pediatrics in Practice serves as a valuable resource for staying current in pediatric healthcare and enhancing clinical expertise.

Podcast Link: https://www.childrensmercy.org/health-care-providers/refer-or-manage-a-patient/connect-with-childrens-mercy/podcasts/pediatrics-in-practice/

8. Pri-Med Podcasts

Pri-Med Podcasts offers a diverse range of podcasts that cater to healthcare professionals across various specialties. These podcasts provide valuable medical content, expert insights, clinical updates, and practical information.

The primary focus is on delivering educational value to healthcare providers, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. Many of the Pri-Med podcasts offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, making them a convenient and accredited resource for ongoing professional development and staying updated in the rapidly evolving field of medicine.

Podcast Link: https://www.pri-med.com/cme-ce-podcasts

9. Orthobullets On Call

Orthobullets On Call is a podcast dedicated to orthopedic surgery. It serves as a valuable resource for orthopedic surgeons and medical students interested in this field.

The podcast covers a wide range of orthopedic topics, including surgical techniques, case discussions, and updates on research and best practices. It provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, which allows orthopedic professionals to earn credits while staying informed about the latest developments in orthopedic surgery. This makes Orthobullets On Call an excellent choice for professional development in the realm of orthopedics.

Podcast Link: https://www.orthobullets.com/Site/Podcasts/PodcastsList

10. Surgery 101

Surgery 101 is an educational podcast designed to provide foundational knowledge in the field of surgery. This podcast is particularly beneficial for medical students, residents, and healthcare professionals interested in surgery. It covers essential surgical principles, techniques, and procedures.

While Surgery 101 doesn’t offer Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, it serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to build a strong understanding of surgical basics, making it an excellent starting point for those considering a career in surgery or seeking to enhance their surgical knowledge.

Podcast Link: http://surgery101.org/podcast/

11. Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Podcast

The Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Podcast is a specialized podcast focusing on psychiatric topics and psychotherapeutic approaches. It caters to mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists.

This podcast provides in-depth discussions, clinical insights, and expert interviews, offering a comprehensive view of the field. An important feature is its offer of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, allowing mental health practitioners to earn while staying updated on the latest advancements and techniques in psychiatry and psychotherapy. It serves as an invaluable resource for ongoing professional development in the realm of mental health.

Podcast Link: https://www.psychiatrypodcast.com/

12. Dermatology Weekly

Dermatology Weekly is an official podcast feed of MDedge Dermatology, tailored for dermatologists and healthcare professionals interested in dermatology. It offers updates and discussions on various dermatological topics, including skin conditions, treatments, and research findings.

What sets this podcast apart is its provision of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, enabling dermatologists and practitioners to earn credits while staying informed about the latest developments in dermatology.

Dermatology Weekly serves as a valuable resource for those in the field, helping them enhance their knowledge and clinical expertise in skin health and dermatological care.

Podcast Link: https://www.mdedge.com/podcasts/dermatology-weekly

13. Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News Podcast

The Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News Podcast is a specialized resource designed for gastroenterologists and healthcare professionals interested in the field of gastroenterology. It offers comprehensive coverage of topics related to gastrointestinal health, including the latest research, clinical updates, and discussions on endoscopic procedures.

This podcast stands out for its provision of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, allowing gastroenterologists to earn credits while staying informed about the latest advancements in their field. It serves as a valuable resource for professional development and staying at the forefront of gastroenterology practice.

Podcast Link: https://theendoscopynewspodcast.podbean.com/

14. Pharmacy Forward

Pharmacy Forward is a podcast catering to pharmacists and individuals in the pharmacy field. It covers a diverse range of pharmacy-related topics, including medication management, patient care, and the evolving role of pharmacists in healthcare.

While offering valuable insights and expert interviews, Pharmacy Forward also provides Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, making it a convenient and accredited resource for pharmacists looking to stay updated, advance their practice, and meet their ongoing education requirements.

This podcast is a valuable tool for pharmacy professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving field of pharmacy.

Podcast Link: https://pharmacyforward.podbean.com/

15. PainWeek Podcast

The PainWeek Podcast is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals seeking to broaden their understanding of pain management. It addresses various aspects of pain, including assessment, treatment, and emerging therapies. Pain management specialists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers can benefit from this podcast’s discussions and expert insights.

Additionally, it offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, enabling healthcare professionals to earn while staying informed about the latest developments in pain management. The PainWeek Podcast serves as a crucial tool for those dedicated to improving patient care and effectively managing pain-related conditions.

Podcast Link: https://www.painweek.org/media/listen

16. The Rounds Table

The Rounds Table is an informative and educational podcast that reviews key medical articles for healthcare providers. It condenses complex research findings and guidelines into easy-to-understand discussions. This podcast is beneficial for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals looking to stay up-to-date with evidence-based medicine.

One of its notable features is that it offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. This means healthcare professionals can earn CME credits while gaining valuable insights into recent medical literature. The Rounds Table serves as a valuable resource for ongoing professional development and evidence-based practice in healthcare.

Podcast Link: https://healthydebate.ca/special-series/podcasts/

17. Bedside Rounds

The Bedside Rounds podcast is a medical podcast hosted by Dr. Adam Rodman. The podcast focuses on exploring the history of medicine and how it has shaped the practice of medicine today. Dr. Rodman, who is a physician himself, uses storytelling and historical narratives to delve into various medical topics, uncovering fascinating and often lesser-known aspects of the field.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the history of diseases and medical treatments to the evolution of medical practices and the lives of influential figures in the history of medicine. Each episode provides listeners with a unique perspective on the history of healthcare and its impact on contemporary medical practice.

Podcast Link: http://bedside-rounds.org/

18. The Short Coat Podcast

The Short Coat Podcast is a medical podcast that was created by and for medical students at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to medicine and medical education, offering insights, advice, and discussions that are relevant to medical students and healthcare professionals.

The show is hosted by a group of medical students who share their experiences, interview experts in the field, and explore various aspects of the medical profession. It provides a platform for medical students to discuss their journey through medical school, share their challenges, and provide support and information to others who are on a similar path.

Podcast Link: https://theshortcoat.com/scp-episodes/

19. Clinical Correlations

The Clinical Correlations Podcast is an extension of the Clinical Correlations website associated with NYU Langone Health. This podcast delves into various medical topics and clinical cases. While it primarily focuses on internal medicine and clinical reasoning, it covers a wide range of subjects within medicine.

The podcast features expert clinicians and healthcare professionals discussing interesting cases, diagnostic challenges, and evidence-based treatments. It’s designed to enhance the clinical knowledge and decision-making skills of healthcare providers, especially those in internal medicine.

Podcast Link: https://www.clinicalcorrelations.org/category/podcast/

20. Primary Care RAP (Rapid Audio Publishing)

Primary Care RAP (Rapid Audio Publishing) is a popular medical podcast designed for primary care clinicians, including family physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. It’s part of the Hippo Education platform, which specializes in providing high-quality medical education resources.

This podcast offers concise and practical updates on various medical topics relevant to primary care. It covers a broad spectrum of clinical issues, guidelines, and evidence-based practices, making it a valuable resource for primary care providers seeking to stay informed and enhance their clinical skills.

One of the notable features of Primary Care RAP is its provision of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits. Listeners can earn CME credits by completing quizzes associated with each episode, making it an effective way for primary care clinicians to fulfill their ongoing education requirements while staying up-to-date with the latest developments in primary care.

Podcast Link: https://home.hippoed.com/primarycare/rap/

By tapping into these educational resources, you not only stay current with the latest medical advancements but also earn valuable CME credits to meet your professional requirements. So, as you embark on your journey of personal and career growth, remember that the world of CME podcasts is right at your fingertips, ready to help you groom your career and make a positive impact on patient care.

Remember that CME requirements and regulations can vary by region and medical specialty, so it’s crucial to stay informed about the specific requirements in your area and field of practice.

Happy listening and learning!


What are CME podcasts?

CME podcasts are audio programs designed for healthcare professionals to earn continuing medical education credits. They cover various medical topics and are a convenient way to stay updated with the latest medical information.

Are CME podcasts really free?

Yes, many CME podcasts are available for free. They are typically sponsored by medical institutions, organizations, or pharmaceutical companies as part of their educational outreach.

How can I find free CME podcasts?

You can find free CME podcasts by searching medical websites, CME platforms, and podcast directories (like Apple Podcasts or Spotify) or by asking colleagues for recommendations.

Do I earn CME credits by listening to these podcasts?

Yes, most free CME podcasts offer credits upon completion. However, it’s essential to verify whether the podcast is accredited by a recognized CME accrediting body like the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

How do I claim CME credits for podcasts?

Typically, you need to complete an assessment or evaluation after listening to the podcast to claim CME credits. The specific process may vary depending on the CME provider, so follow their instructions carefully.

What topics are covered in free CME podcasts?

CME podcasts cover a wide range of medical topics, including updates on diseases, treatment guidelines, research findings, and clinical skills. You can find podcasts tailored to specific medical specialties or general medical knowledge.

Are CME podcasts as valuable as traditional CME courses?

CME podcasts can be just as valuable as traditional courses, depending on your learning style and preferences. They offer flexibility and accessibility, making it easier for busy healthcare professionals to stay current with medical advancements.

Can I listen to CME podcasts on the go?

Yes, one of the advantages of CME podcasts is that you can listen to them on your preferred device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This flexibility allows you to learn while commuting or during downtime.

Are there any limitations to using CME podcasts for credits?

Some medical licensing boards or organizations may have restrictions on the number of CME credits you can earn through podcasts, so it’s essential to check with your specific licensing body for any limitations.

Are there any reputable sources for free CME podcasts?

Yes, many reputable medical institutions and organizations offer free CME podcasts. Examples include medical schools, hospitals, medical journals, and professional medical associations. Always verify the credibility of the source before relying on the content for CME.


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