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doctors without residency, unable to obtain a medical license, who have a disability, have been out of practice, or are facing another professional challenge.

Doctors who haven’t completed a residency can still use the skills learned in medical school to have rewarding careers in various areas of healthcare.

Physicians unable to obtian a state medical license or who have had their license restricted or revoked still have opportunties that utilize their past experience.

A disability doesn’t mean an inability to put your medical degree to use.

Perhaps you’ve had a lapse in medical practice to raise a family, take care of a loved one, heal yourself, or try something new. You can still go back to medicine, whether it’s in a clinical capacity or a nonclinical role.

Whatever your situation, there are options for you. And your medical training won’t go to waste.

Here’s how Look for Zebras can help:

The job board is specifically geared toward unconventional job opportunities for doctors. Many are nonclinical positions that don’t require an active medicine license or recent clinical experience.

You might have gaps in your resume or “red flags” as a job applicant. Check out some resources to help you create a strong resume and persuasive cover letter that will land you a great job.

This iste has an extensive archive of blog posts on all sorts of topics related to cultivating a satisfying career in and out of medicine – no matter what your personal situation is. See below for articles of particular interest to physicians facing atypical situations and challenges.

Every challenge is an opportunity.

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