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Top 10 States Where Aesthetic Nurses Excel And Earn Lucrative Salaries

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If you are wondering do aesthetic nurses make good money or how much does an aesthetic nurse make, you are not alone. Many people are interested in this career path because of the high salary, satisfying work and growth potential.

However, not all states are equal when it comes to aesthetic nursing. Some factors that affect the income and opportunities for aesthetic nurses are the popularity of cosmetic treatments, the cost of living and the legal regulations in each state. In this article, we will explore the top 10 states where aesthetic nurses excel and earn lucrative salaries.

How To Know If Aesthetic Nurses Make Good Money?

Botox, fillers, lasers, peels, and microdermabrasions are just a few of the cosmetic procedures that aesthetic nurses provide. They provide their clients with answers to all of their aesthetic questions and their desired results. Let’s now check out the places where aesthetic nurses provide top-notch care.

  • Metropolitan Areas: Larger cities and metropolitan areas often have higher demand for aesthetic procedures, which can translate to more job opportunities and potentially higher salaries.
  • Cosmetic Hubs: States known for being cosmetic surgery or aesthetic procedure hubs may offer better opportunities for aesthetic nurses. This could include states with a high concentration of cosmetic surgery practices.
  • Licensing and Regulation: States with clear regulations and licensing processes for aesthetic nursing may foster a more stable and lucrative job market.
  • Economic Factors: Consider states with strong economies, as these areas may have a higher demand for aesthetic procedures and healthcare services in general.
  • Cost of Living: While higher salaries are attractive, it’s also essential to consider the cost of living in a particular state. A greater cost of living could counterbalance higher salaries.

Some Procedures That Aesthetic Nurses Provide

  1. They assess patients’ skin conditions and prescribe a course of treatment which addresses the patients’ concerns and solve their medical issues.
  2. They do the pre-treatment preparation of the patient including applying numbing creams, cleaning and sterilizing the treatment area and providing pre-operative instructions.
  3. Postprocedure care is also provided by aesthetic nurses who monitor the patients and provide post-operative patient care procedures, and keep the patients’ abreast of all the clinical procedures.
  4. Aesthetic nurses educate the patients about the skincare procedures, healthy lifestyle habits and the post-operative care to be taken after an aesthetic procedure.
  5. They play an important role in patient counseling about their skin care, postprocedure care and healthy habits.

Aesthetic Nurse Educational Qualifications and Certifications

In addition to having a valid nursing license, aesthetic nurses must possess specific training and certification in the areas of skin care, facial anatomy, and injectable administration.

Gaining practical experience in skin care through employment in a hospital or dermatology clinic and mastering the necessary techniques for procedure completion, infection control, and medical documentation become crucial, helping doctors by giving them the necessary assistance so they can give patients the best treatment possible.

You need to serve with dedication, have a passion for aesthetics, and be committed to learning in order to become a sought-after aesthetic nurse.

Factors Influencing Aesthetic Nurse Salaries

  1. Salaries of aesthetic nurses vary widely depending on the area. The salaries in area which experience a high demand for facial plastic surgery and higher living standards are higher. Metropolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles pay higher salaries for aesthetic nurses compared to small mid-town cities.
  2. As with any professional, aesthetic curses who have many years of experience and expertise tend to command higher salaries. The greater the credentials and experience, the more is the earning potential you command. Plus, if you have an illustrious career in the medical aesthetics field, you can command your own price.
  3. If you hold certificates showing that you attended specialized training programs, you become a prize coveted by many hospitals and dermatologists. This means you command higher salaries.
  4. Workplace settings also affect the salaries that aesthetic nurses’ command as some establishments has higher budgets, whereas aesthetic medicine is only a sideline. Also, compensation structures are different in different hospitals where pay may be larger in some cases whereas perquisites may form a higher component in others.
  5. Self-employment or entrepreneurship is another alternative, where as an aesthetic nurse you set your own hours, form partnerships with whom you choose and also determine how much you earn. This allows you to shape how much you earn.

Salary Surveys To Show Whether Aesthetic Nurses Make Good Money

How much does an aesthetic nurse make is a question that you might have? To answer, there are different sources that provide different estimates. The US Bureau of Statistics reports that the median annual pay for aesthetic nurses is about $77,000, or $37.31 per hour. ZipRecruiter, on the other hand, claims that the average annual aesthetic nurse salary is $85,521, or a $41 aesthetic nurse hourly pay. The top 10% of aesthetic nurses earn around $113,500, while the bottom 10% earn between $47,000 and $60,999. Salary.com gives a lower figure of $64,918 as the average yearly salary for aesthetic nurses.

The following table shows the salaries that aesthetic nurses earn by years of experience, according to betternurse.org:

Salary (Per Year)Number of Experience (in Years)

According to Nursingprocess.org, the private sector pays aesthetic nurses a total compensation of $142,156, while state and local governments pay $161,887 per year.

Aesthetic nurses also earn more than other medical professionals such as nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and certified nurse anesthetists. Aesthetic nurses have salaries that are similar to those of nurses in other specialties such as critical care, oncology, or nurse anesthetists.

Below are the tables that show (also by betternurse.org):

  • The top ten states which pay high aesthetic nurse salaries (cosmetic) in the U.S.
Name of The Highest Paying StatesSalary
Rhode Island$91,492
  • The states which pay lowest salaries for cosmetic nurses in the U.S.
Name of The Lowest Paying StatesSalary
North Carolina$67,262
New Mexico$70,103
West Virginia$75,672

Let’s explore in detail:

  1. Tennessee: This state has a wealthy populace that spends a lot of money annually on cosmetic procedures. The state’s aesthetic business is expanding in order to meet this rising demand. Aesthetic clinics, medical spas, and centers for cosmetic surgery are just a few of the many businesses that provide aesthetic services. This increases the need for attractive nurses, which raises compensation levels. The average yearly compensation for aesthetic nurses in Tennessee is close to $100,000.
  2. Hawaii: The expense of living is high in Hawaii, and access to specialized treatment is constrained. This group also includes aesthetic nurses. Cosmetic nurses are in high demand because Hawaii is a popular tourist destination and has an abundance of medical spas and cosmetic clinics. The result of all of this is demand-driven escalation in aesthetic nursing compensation.
  3. Minnesota: Aesthetic nurses in this state make $96,213. This is mostly because the state is home to hospitals, clinics for cosmetic surgery, and other aesthetic services. In this state, salaries are set to entice proficient practitioners of aesthetic medicine.
  4. Massachusetts: This state pays top salary for aesthetic nurses, ranking fourth among all states. They command an average income of $95,643 in this state. This state is also well-known for its excellent medical and cosmetic services. Better compensation for aesthetic nurses is the result of all of this.
  5. Nevada: Nevada is a popular tourist destination because of Las Vegas and the various aesthetic operations that are carried out there. Because of its accessible aesthetic services and regulatory framework, this area is competing for higher pay and better living conditions for aesthetic nurses.
  6. In addition, aesthetic nurse salary North Carolina is $87,190 per year, aesthetic nurse salary Michigan is $ 90,840 per year, aesthetic nurse salary Houston is $90,580 per year and aesthetic nurse salary Dallas is $ 88,820 per year. Along with the average annual aesthetic nurse salary provided by businesses in these states, other top-paying states are listed in the chart above. Additionally, included for your reference is a comparative chart that shows which states offer the lowest salary.

Some Possibilities To Grow Your Aesthetic Nurse Career And Salary

  • Remember salary always grows with experience. As you gain increasing expertise and experience, your salary prospects also appreciate. As you’re perceived worth increases, your salary prospects also improve.
  • When you develop niche specialization in certain aesthetic procedures, you can become an expert in certain areas. Your expert knowledge will make you popular among patients who require these specialized services.
  • As you become more and more expert in aesthetic medicine, you can even think of starting your own practice or becoming a self-employed entrepreneur. This can exponentially increase your revenues. You can even play an important role in shaping the industry’s future.
  • Pursuing aesthetic continuing education and further professional development can only further improve your career scope and growth.
  • Pursuing networking opportunities, leadership, and management roles by assuming more responsibilities and other entrepreneurial opportunities will all lead to further growth.
  • Additional perks include helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals, building strong relationships with patients, also learning new areas, and growing professionally are the other benefits.  Better work life balance and employee discounts are the additional benefits.


Aesthetic nursing offers a fulfilling career and is also a financially rewarding one. Choose the state where you want to work carefully taking all the above factors into your reckoning if you want to have a financially rewarding career. Remember, as demand for aesthetic procedures grow, so does opportunities for passionate and dedicated aesthetic nurses.


What is the highest salary for aesthetic nurses?

The ZipRecruiter survey shows that aesthetic nurses get the highest salary of $138,500 in the top 10 percentile.

Where do aesthetic nurses get paid the most in the U.S.?

Aesthetic nurses command the highest salary in Tennessee, followed by Hawaii and Minnesota in that order.

Which are the states which pay the lowest salaries to aesthetic nurses?

Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina lead the list of states paying the lowest salaries.

Which specialty nurse makes the most salary?

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists makes the highest salary of $ 320,415 per year.






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