Should I Continue Practicing After Transition To A Nonclinical Job?

– Whether to continue working clinically while exploring jobs for doctors outside of medicine, there are a handful of solid reasons why it doesn’t make sense for some physicians to keep working clinically. – There are also several reasons that many doctors should continue clinical work.

You may want to return to clinical medicine at some point

– It can be tough to reenter clinical medicine if you’ve gone a long time without practicing. But it is not. – Even a half-day shift each week helps to keep your skills sharp, prompts you to stay up to date in your field, and looks good to potential employers.

It legitimizes you, especially among other doctors

– There’s a good chance you’ll be interacting with other physicians in your nonclinical role. – Some of them are likely to be practicing clinicians. It will be easier to gain their respect and connect with them if you do clinical work.

It’s easier to change positions – even to other jobs for doctors outside of medicine

– It may not matter if your most recent non-clinical job was in the same field as the new job you’re applying for. – Employers tend to value recent, uninterrupted clinical experience.

It will help you maintain your board certification

Depending on your specialty board, clinical work can: – Make it easier to prepare for the board exam – Help you earn maintenance of certifications “points” or meet requirements – Prevent scrutiny of your application by the board

You can save on business and professional expenses

– Clinical employers – even for part-time and moonlighting work – often cover the costs of medical licenses, certifications, and CME. – While your non-clinical job might not require these, it’s good to keep current if there’s any chance you might need them in the future.

Clinical work can be a significant source of extra income

– Clinical work often pays better than jobs for doctors outside of medicine. – Sometimes much better, depending on the field and the type of nonclinical work you’re comparing it to.

You’ll have less explaining to do

– When you can mention that you see patients (even if it’s part-time or intermittently) people are less likely to get skeptical or make you feel unnecessarily guilty about leaving medicine.