5 Great Jobs for Medical Graduates Without Residency

– Were you unsuccessful in the residency match? – Are you an IMG who doesn’t want to complete another training program? – You have not completed residency for some other reason? Give these top 5 career paths some thought that can help you achieve in your medical career.

Program Director

Possible clinical settings for this job include: – Substance use disorder treatment center – Hospice service – Correctional facility – Rehab center This position will offer extensive experience and look fantastic on any CV that medical school graduates will later produce if they choose to get a residency position. Getting such extensive exposure to all forms of medical care is more valuable than most people realize.

 Clinical Quality Specialist

– A Clinical Quality Specialist (CQS) is responsible for the coordination and ongoing monitoring of quality improvement program objectives within a hospital or healthcare system. – Data collection, abstraction, analysis, and reporting of quality measures may be a significant component of the job. – The CQS often works closely with clinicians and practitioners. – Similar job titles include Clinical Quality Reviewer, Quality Performance Specialist, etc. – The average salary range from $30,000 to $68,000 and there is ample room to move up to higher-paying positions.

Clinical Trial Co-ordinator

A Clinical Trial Coordinator or Clinical Research Coordinator plans, directs, and coordinates multiple,  on-going clinical research studies with a healthcare system Responsibilities can include – Patient recruitment and training for research. – Screening patients for trial eligibility, analyzing data, and conducting initial patient assessments – Providing information to study participants and submitting reports. – Maintaining medical charts The average salary can range from $42,000 to $74,000.

Performance Improvement Consultant

– A Performance Improvement Consultant, Specialist, or Manager, is responsible for leading services and programs that support the development of continuous performance improvement activities. – The role involves collaborating with human resources, clinical, financial, IT, and other teams. – This job pays pretty well, with an average salary of $75,397, and ranges from $60,000 to $94,000.

EHR Training Specialist

– An EHR Training Specialist is responsible for user training and aspects of implementation or rollout of clinical IT applications in a healthcare setting. – Similar job titles include EHR Trainer, EHR Implementation Specialist, and Clinical Applications Trainer. – The average salary for an EHR Training Specialist is $52,000. – Medical students who long for wide exposure to various areas of the medical setting will love this position.