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Professional resume writing service for physicians and other healthcare professionals seeking a career change. Overhaul your existing or outdated resume or start with a clean slate.

Ready for a career change? Make it happen with a resume overhaul.

This resume writing service is geared toward physicians, medical providers, and other healthcare professionals seeking jobs outside of direct patient care, such as in healthcare administration, managed care, the pharmaceutical industry, or medical communications.

Outside of clinical settings and academia, it's typical for employers and recruiters to require a resume rather than a CV from job candidates. Your resume needs to effectively communicate your skills and accomplishments, as opposed to simply listing your previous positions and training.

Your resume will focus on the key areas that can be leveraged for your position or field of interest, highlighting the value that you will provide to prospective employers.

This service aims to provide you with a resume that will help you reach your career goals. This might be a successful care pivot career from clinical to nonclinical medicine, a transition between fields within or outside of healthcare delivery, or movement to a higher level of responsibility (and compensation!).

Your resume will be 100% tailored to you. Look for Zebras has partnered with Armitage Medical to ensure that every resume is personally written and reviewed by physicians who have extensive writing experience and familiarity with nonclinical jobs.

What is included:

  • A professionally written and formatted resume
  • Up to two rounds of edits within 30 days of the initial draft delivery
  • PDF and Microsoft Word versions of the final resume

Here is what to expect and next steps. Once you complete your purchase, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to provide us with the information needed to develop your top-notch resume. Building a new resume or overhauling an old one requires information gathering. You'll be asked to submit an existing version of your resume or CV (if available) and complete a questionnaire about your background, work history, and job-seeking objectives.

Turnaround time for the initial draft resume is currently 5 to 7 business days following receipt of the information requested from you.

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