Hi! I’m Sylvie.

I’m a preventive medicine physician and founder of Look for Zebras.

Like many doctors, I’ve struggled to find my sweet spot in medicine and a solid balance in life. But I’ve been proactive about finding work that I enjoy doing, that compensates me fairly, and allows me the time and energy to take care of myself.

I’ve cultivated a fulfilling career in medicine.

And I want you to do the same.

I’ll help you get there. It might be by connecting you to ‘zebra’ job opportunities, broadening your knowledge of what you can do with your experience, or somehow inspiring you. Through Look for Zebras, I want to equip medical professionals with the tools they need to prevent burnout and be truly happy.

A bit about my training and experience


I received my MD from UMass Medical School and completed residency at Johns Hopkins, where I also earned an MPH. Since then, my work has mainly involved correctional healthcare, addiction medicine, medical writing, and utilization management.

What ties all my work experience together is the goal of helping organizations offer services and products that are rooted in evidence-based medicine.

Whether I’m treating patients directly, producing medical education content, or providing consultation, I aim to use my medical experience and knowledge to ensure that the health of patients and populations ultimately benefits.

A bit about me personally


I live in Alabama with my main squeeze, Scott. When I’m not working, you can find me spending time outdoors, cooking, exercising, and going to bed early.

A bit about my work with Look for Zebras


I’m not any kind of guru and I don’t have my life all figured out (yet). But I have gone from a fresh first-year medical student thinking I’d made the absolute worst mistake of my life, to a happily practicing physician with unrelenting enthusiasm about all the opportunities in and out of medicine. That’s darn good progress.

On Look for Zebras, I and other contributors write about topics that we think may help physicians, medical trainees, and others to make progress in their own lives.


Thank you for stopping by.



Sylvie S., MD, MPH

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