Hospice Medical Director

December 1, 2022
Tucson, AZ
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Collaborates with office and field staff to ensure excellent client service, clinical care, quality, and adherence to policies, procedures, hospice eligibility documentation, and Medicare Conditions of Participation. Manages hospice Associate Medical Directors, consulting physicians, and collaborating mid-level providers. Improves access to hospice services through business development, networking, and educational outreach to physicians, hospitals, facilities, and community groups.
Minimum Qualifications

1. Exemplifies characteristics of The BAYADA Way: compassion, excellence, and reliability.
2. Licensure: Medical Director is and shall remain duly licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy without restriction in the applicable state[s] of practice. Medical Director shall provide proof of current licensure.
3. Graduate of an accredited and approved medical program as required based on state regulations.
4. Professional Standards; Compliance with Law: Medical Director shall at all times comply with the ethics and professional standards of the medical profession; applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations, including those related to the health and safety of patients; Hospice's policies and procedures; and the rules and regulations that apply to Hospice, including accreditation and certification requirements.
5. Drug Enforcement Administration: Medical Director has and maintains registration with the Drug Enforcement Administration ("DEA") and any applicable state agency without any limitation on the Medical Director's authority to prescribe drugs under such registration and shall provide current proof of such registration upon Hospice's request.
6. Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility: Medical Director is and shall at all times remain a qualified Medicare and Medicaid provider. Medical Director represents and warrants that she has never been excluded from participation in any federally funded health care program, including, without limitation, Medicare, Medicaid, or TRICARE, nor has been convicted or found to have violated any federal or state fraud and abuse law or illegal remuneration law.
7. Medical Staff Privileges: Medical Director shall maintain unrestricted medical staff membership and clinical admitting privileges at any of the Hospice’s inpatient contracts.
8. Criminal Background Check: Medical Director shall cooperate in the completion of all criminal background check documentation, shall be eligible to work with patients, and shall not be found to have engaged in any improper or illegal conduct with the elderly or vulnerable individuals.
9. Have a minimum of two (2) years of recent, verifiable, related clinical experience, preferably at least one (1) year in hospice, palliative, or home care.
10. Prior supervisory experience commensurate with program requirements.
11. Demonstrated record of strong interpersonal skills.
12. Demonstrated record of goal achievement.
13. Completed criminal background and federal/state program exclusions checks.
14. Competence in basic PC skills required to perform job functions.
15. Completed Continuing Education Requirements (CEUs) as required by regulation.

Training And Certifications

Within the first three (3) months of employment,
1. Completion of BAYADA Way In-service.
2. Participate in Mentoring Process.
3. Completion of general company Welcome to New Employees Training.
4. Complete all necessary competency requirements related to technologically dependent clients, as applicable.

Primary Responsibilities

The Medical Director is, along with any other contracted physicians and each patient's attending physician, responsible for the palliation and management of the terminal illness and conditions related to the terminal illness of Hospice patients.
1. Administrative Services: Medical Director shall perform those services appropriate to the position of medical director of a hospice, which includes, but are not limited to, the following administrative services:
a) Participate in Interdisciplinary Team. Be an active member of the Hospice's interdisciplinary group ("IDG") to coordinate all aspects of the hospice care provided by Hospice patients, including participating in ongoing and timely IDG comprehensive assessments and updates to such assessments, developing, evaluating, and updating the written plan of care for Hospice patients, managing oversight of medications and treatment, and contributing to patient and family counseling and education. When Medical Director reviews a patient's clinical information to determine eligibility for hospice care, Medical Director shall certify and recertify the patient's eligibility for hospice care promptly by applicable Medicare hospice regulations. Medical Director shall ensure that the hospice care plans are medically appropriate and consistent with federal and state laws and regulations.
b) Assist with Admissions and Discharges.
i) Admissions and Recertification. When reviewing a patient for admission to Hospice, Medical Director shall, in consultation with the patient's attending physician, if any, consider the patient's primary terminal condition, related diagnoses (if any), current subjective and objective medical findings, current medication and treatment orders, information about the medical management of any conditions unrelated to the terminal diagnosis, other health conditions whether related or unrelated to the terminal condition and current clinically relevant information supporting all diagnoses, and certify and document a patient's terminal illness. In such cases, Medical Director shall review the patient's clinical information before each recertification period before recertifying a patient as terminally ill. Medical Director shall document such recertification on a timely basis by Medicare hospice regulations.
ii) Discharges. In consultation with the patient's attending physician, if any, and consistent with federal and state discharge requirements and Hospice's discharge policies, discharge those patients no longer eligible for hospice care. Medical Director shall execute a written discharge order before a patient’s discharge from Hospice.
c) Develop Policies and Procedures. Assist in developing, executing, and periodically reviewing Hospice's written policies and procedures, medical protocols, and standing orders, including, but not limited to, patient care policies and emergency procedures.
d) Oversee Other Hospice Physicians. Assist in physician recruiting, training, supervision, and evaluating the physicians retained by Hospice (collectively "Hospice Physicians").
e) Oversee Medical Care. Oversee, coordinate, review, and evaluate the medical care provided to Hospice patients to ensure pain and symptom management and control. This shall include communicating with a Hospice patient's attending physician to determine eligibility, seeking that physician's input and/or medical records for appropriate documentation, and identifying needs not met by the attending physician(s).
f) Serve as Medical Resource. Be a medical resource to hospice staff, patients, families, and attending physicians regarding pain and symptom control management.
g) Serve on Committees. Be an active member of Hospice committees, as requested by Hospice.
h) Facilitate Family Meetings. Facilitate meetings with the family members of Hospice patients, as requested by Hospice, and demonstrate knowledge in communications and counseling patients and families in dealing with end-of-life issues.
i) Participate in Conflict Resolution. Assist in resolving interpersonal conflict and issues of clinical and ethical concern.
j) Educate Local Physicians. Develop strategies to build relationships with local physicians, including educating physicians on Hospice services and its medical policies and procedures, and act as a liaison to physicians in the community.
k) Complete Documentation and Timesheets. Complete timesheets and maintain documentation on all Medical Director Services provided by Hospice's policies and procedures, prudent record-keeping procedures, and applicable Medicare and Medicaid regulations and program guidelines.
l) Call Coverage; Backup. Provide on-call coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which shall mean being available through direct telecommunication for consultation, assistance with medical emergencies, and patient referral. When Medical Director is unavailable to provide call coverage and/or Medical Director Services, Medical Director shall arrange for another physician approved by Hospice to provide call coverage and/or Medical Director Services.
m) Assist with Third Party Reimbursement. Assist in completing any necessary forms for third-party reimbursement, as requested by Hospice.
n) Attend Training. Attend appropriate orientation about hospice philosophy and job duties and in-service training programs, including education on infection control, patient's rights, and reporting caregiver misconduct.
o) Conduct In-Service Training. Conduct periodic in-service training programs for Hospice staff and volunteers, as requested by Hospice.
p) Participate in Research and Education. Participate in any hospice or palliative care research or education, as requested by Hospice.
q) Provide Other Medical Services. Provide any other medical services that may be necessary to comply with any federal or state laws or regulations governing hospice care.
r) Participate in Strategic Planning. Actively participate in Hospice's senior leadership meetings and strategic planning, as requested by Hospice.
s) Participate in Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Programs. Actively participate in Hospice's quality assessment and performance improvement program, including identifying best practices, evaluating patient care, evaluating indicators relating to improved palliative outcomes and patient and family satisfaction, and creating clinical models of care both within Hospice and, as needed, with local physicians. Medical Director shall document participation in such activities as directed by the Hospice
t) Maintain Knowledge. Remain current on issues related to a hospice medical practice, including but not limited to, pain/symptom management and review and develop protocols for treatment, including proposing the most current options for interventions.
u) Complete Other Projects and Tasks. Complete other projects and tasks, as assigned by Hospice.
v) Provide Drug Management. Confer with the IDG regarding the drugs and biologicals prescribed to each Hospice patient to ensure that they meet the patient's needs.
2. Patient Care Services. Medical Director shall provide the following patient care services to Hospice patients as requested by the Hospice:
a) Attending Physician. As requested by Hospice, become the attending physician for those patients admitted to Hospice who have no attending physician or when the patient's attending physician is unavailable, to ensure the medical needs of Hospice patients are met.
b) Consultations. Provide hospice and/or palliative care consultations under the attending physician’s orders, or as requested by Hospice.
c) Visits. Provide visits to Hospice patients, as requested by Hospice.
d) Billing for Patient Care Services. Medicare hospice regulations require that the Hospice bill directly for treatment that Medical Director provides as an attending or consulting physician to Medicare hospice patients if the treatment is related to the patient's terminal illness. When Medical Director is an attending or consulting physician to other Hospice patients, Medical Director shall assign Physician’s fees to Hospice.
e) Documentation: Medical Director shall document Patient Care Services and all other treatment services that Medical Director renders by Hospice's policies and procedures and Medicare rules.

BAYADA believes that our employees are our greatest asset:

  • This is a PRN position.
  • The position requires one to be onsite for a minimum of 5 hours per week with occasional client visits.
  • BAYADA offers a comprehensive benefits plan that includes the following: Paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, vision, dental and medical health plans, employer-paid life insurance, 401k with company match, direct deposit, and employee assistance program
  • To learn more about BAYADA Benefits.
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