Here are some common questions about L4Z.

I'm a PA / NP / foreign grad / etc., can I benefit from L4Z?

Absolutely. L4Z is operated and written primarily by US physicians, but a lot of the information we provide is relevant to other healthcare professionals – including providers, other clinicians, and administrators. So have at it!

We often use the terms “physician” or “MD” when referring to situations or information that may be equally useful to DO’s and non-physicians in the healthcare field. This isn’t done to purposely exclude any folks. Please use your judgement to decide what tips and info are compatible with your degree and the work you do. Just replace these terms with your own title in your head as you read.

Have questions about whether certain information applies to you or can be extrapolated to your profession? Let us know by using the contact form below.

Can you help me write a great resume?

We have some great resources on resume and CV writing for healthcare professionals. Check out our posts. If we’ve left some questions unanswered, send us a note!

If you’re in need of personal assistance with your resume, please get in touch. Our staff love crafting the perfect resume, and can discuss how we can work together to help you reach you your job goals.

How about a cover letter, or help me prep for an interview?

We can help with these as well! We recommend you start with a few posts that tackle cover letter writing and how to rock an interview.

If you’re looking for personal input or coaching services, please use the contact form below to get in touch!

I scored a 230 on Step 1, have a 3.7 GPA, and 3 publications, will I be able to get a job with McKinsey?

…or whatever you’re scenario may be.

We have some resources available to help you determine if you might be a good candidate for various kinds of non-clinical jobs. We hope you find these helpful! When you bring your personal stats, experience, and “unique situations” into the mix, the question becomes personal and can be difficult to answer. Often there’s no easy ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to these questions.

If you have a question that you feel other readers might have, as well, let us know in the Q&A section! If you have a very individualized question or feel you’d benefit from some one-on-one advice or coaching,
get in touch and let’s talk.

Can you advertise my company's job opening?

We sure can! We send a weekly newsletter – The Stampede – to our readers, in which we’re happy to include job openings that correspond with the themes of Look for Zebras. We can also advertise the position directly on our website, in various locations and formats. Contact us to discuss what would work best for you.

Please note that some positions are a better fit for L4Z’s readership than others. Non-clinical positions requiring the expertise of a physician, for example, are right up our alley. Permanent jobs that are primarily clinical work in a traditional setting might be better advertised elsewhere.

Still have questions? Send us a message.

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