Funding for Education of Doctors

Funding for Continuing Education For Doctors

Medical education is prohibitive, and costs are very high. More than 50%-70% of medical students in the U.S are already over-leveraged and in debt by the time they complete their medical education. Paying back medical … Read more

Restrating Business

Restarting Your Business And Rule of Seven

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail within the first year of starting operations. Only a third of the small businesses survive after ten years of operations. After … Read more

Setting up your own wallet

MetaMask: Setting up Your Own Wallet

Cryptocurrencies are incredibly popular right now. They provide a new way of handling money that is safer, more secure, and more private than traditional methods. You need to be aware of many risks when it … Read more

Highest paid Medical Specialities

Highest Paid Medical Specialties 2021-2022

The Covid epidemic which paralyzed the world economic system also had its impact on the medical profession. The income earned by medical practitioners differs not only by their particular specialty but also by the source … Read more

Embarrassing moments from medical school and residency

3 embarrassing stories from medical school and residency

Medical school and residency are filled with memorable experiences. Some are wonderful. Others are frustrating, upsetting, or awkward. I’d like to share three of my most embarrassing stories from medical school and residency.

Useful and unique gifts for doctors

Useful and unique gifts for doctors

Book about non-clinical careers The most comfortable face mask for everyday wear Precision spinning top A next-generation paper tablet Kombucha starter kit A high-def webcam for all those Zoom meetings Slick yet functional laptop backpack … Read more

The Watering Hole October 2020

The Watering Hole – October 2020

Join me at The Watering Hole for a rundown of news, tips, articles, and ideas for medical professionals who are looking for zebras in their careers.