When it comes to your career in medicine…

Look for Zebras

not for horses.

We’ve settled for horses in our careers. We’re here to make sure you don’t do the same.

Like many physicians, you may be having somewhat of a struggle finding your sweet spot in medicine and landing a solid balance in life while practicing medicine.

There may have been times when you’ve felt completely defeated by medicine and wondered if you’d chosen the wrong field (*cough* internship *cough*). Other times, perhaps you’ve felt so enthusiastic about medicine that you get goosebumps. And moments of feeling apathetic amount medicine, in which you trudge along primarily for the purpose of a paycheck.

L4Z will help you find your sweet spot on the ‘medical career satisfaction spectrum’ – fairly far over on the right-hand side (the happy side). If you’re already there, there’s always room for ongoing improvement!

Whether it’s by providing some info you need to move your career in another direction, teaching you something, helping you choose the right type of residency program, or inspiring you in some way that has an impact on your career or other aspect of your life.


  1. 4 yearsUndergrad
  2. 4 yearsMed school
  3. 1 yearInternship
  4. 2-6 yearsResidency
  5. 1-3 yearsFellowship
  6. FinallyA real job

A big chunk of your life,
Long story short.

What if
the rest
looked like this?


  1. 2 yearsWorking for someone else
  2. 10 yearsWorking for yourself
  3. 30+ yearsFinancial independence

Or this?


  1. 3 yearsA pretty great job
  2. 5 yearsA better job
  3. 5 yearsYour dream job
  4. ForeverWork only on your terms, when you feel like it

Here’s what a great career in medicine looks like to us.

The info you need
for the
ultimate career in medicine.

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